1. Define abnormal behaviour. In several paragraphs list

abnormal behaviour. In several paragraphs list and discuss the various criteria
used to define abnormal behaviour.

Abnormal behaviour is simply
any behaviour that differentiate it from what s is typically considered as
normal behaviour. Abnormal behaviour can impact any individual ability to function
that is very important factor to identify abnormal behaviour in any body. For
example if  your any of classmate has
difficulty In memorizing simple spelling but he can speak very well, then it is
a system of Abnormal Behaviour. The abnormal behaviour can be because of emotional
disorder, illness, disability or it is in family background etc.  There are mainly four form in which psychologists
identify abnormal behaviour

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The first one is
violation of social norms, which defined that opposite to the behaviour which
is considered norm by society. For example talking to strangers is social norm,
somebody doing totally opposite like talking to complete stranger about
anything will be considered as abnormal phycology.

The second criteria
is  statistical phycology which means
having something rare characteristics which normal people do not possess For example,
the person who is exceptionally good in one thing, a student who can solve
complex mathematical problem at age of 10 or it totally opposite someone has
very low IQ will also be considered as abnormal.

The third criteria will
be personal distress which means any emotion like anxiety, stress to apprehension
of another emotional state.

The last criteria is maladaptive
behaviour, this behaviour mainly includes social or physical harm.


Differentiate among three groups of mental
health professionals: Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, and Social Workers.

are kind of doctors who specializes in study, diagnosis and treatment of mental

Psychologists is a branch of science that deals with cause, prevention and
relieving the psychologically –based any abnormal behaviour by teaching,
consulting or different other plan.


Worker deals with different people with mental in need the basically help them
in everyday life, provide them services to make them easier to survive in this
social world.