2.0 lets user reach people instantly on their

2.0    Analysis of
current market

2.1     Products of

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The products of Facebook include News Feed,
Messenger and Instagram. News Feed is a regularly updating list of stories from
friends, Pages, and other connections, like groups and events. People can like
or comment on what they see. Each person’s News Feed is personalized based on
their interests and the sharing activity of their friends.

Messenger is a mobile messaging app that lets
user reach people instantly on their phones. With Messenger user can send
private messages and stickers, chat with groups, and make free calls, even to
people in other countries. User can also see who’s available on Messenger and
who’s active on Facebook. Messenger is available on Android, iOS and Windows

Instagram makes it easy for people to capture
what’s happening in their world and share those moments instantly with friends
and family, whether it’s a video of a baby’s first steps, a memorable sunset or
a photo of your friend crossing the finish line. Instagram inspires people to
explore and see the world differently—to go on adventures, to take detours, to
take in everything around them and to share what they see with the world. Take
a photo or video, choose a filter and share.



3.0    Offered IT Position

Facebook offers many different types of jobs
around the world, such as in United Kingdom, United States, Singapore and so
on. They offer jobs from Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram as well.

The example of jobs provided by Facebook are
shown as below:

Advertising Technology

Software engineering

Account Management

Online operation

Ads marketing

Data Scientist



4.0    Models and

4.1     PEST Analysis

In the analysis for the market of Facebook,
PEST Analysis is used. The founder of PEST Analysis is Francis J. Aguilar. (Frue, 2017) It is an analysis of the external
macro-environment that affects all firms. PEST is an acronym for the Political,
Economic, Social and Technological factors of the external macro-environment.
Such external factors usually are beyond the firm’s control and sometimes
present themselves as threats. (Netmba.com, 2017)

Political is important for a business, this
is because control system and free markets need a balance between them. Before
the organisations expand into new regions, they have to consider many
opportunities and threats because global economics has surpassed domestic
economic. (pestleanalysis.com, 2017) Also, political trends in a country would
significantly influence the company which chooses to launch there. (Thomas,
2015) The examples of the political factors are tax policies, social policies,
trade regulations and so on.

Economic factors are the metrics that measure
the strength of any economic region. The economic state will not during the
lifetime of a company. Comparison in the current levels of inflation,
unemployment, economic growth, and international trade is important and must be
done. (pestleanalysis.com, 2017) The observation of the key figures related to
the sector and customer trends analysis is one of the economic success of a
company. (Thomas, 2015) The examples of economic factors include disposable
income of buyers, credit accessibility, unemployment rates and interest rates.

Social factors could be known as demographic
factors, which evaluate the characteristics of the consumers in a market. Social
indicators like exchange rates, GDP and inflation are critical to management. The
example of social factors are population demographics, educational levels and
so on. (pestleanalysis.com, 2017)

Technological factor is to identify the technological
advancements that can improve internal efficiency and help a product or services
up to date which are becoming more important each year. The example of
technological factors are new discoveries and innovations, new technological
platforms and so on. (pestleanalysis.com, 2017)

4.2     Companies
PEST Analysis

The comparison between Facebook and LinkedIn using PEST
Analysis are explained.

Political Factors

business of Facebook is related with political landscape. There are two
opportunities for Facebook in this factor which are political stability in
developed countries and popular governmental support for globalisation. This is
because they can keep diversify their business in the markets and expand their
social media, provide advertising services universal based on the support from
government for globalisation. However, there is also a threat for Facebook,
which is the political barrier in the China market. The censorship in China has
limited the potential global growth for Facebook. Facebook need to negotiate
with the government in China to have the chance for their advertising market in
the country. (Justin, 2017)

LinkedIn, government is concerned on the secure of the data of companies.
LinkedIn increased the cost of operation due to this. They also need to keep a
stable position with the other competitive social media website and follow the
rules and law set by government. (Haseeb, 2017)


Economic Factors

economic condition of a country forms the business growth of Facebook. There
are three external factors affecting Facebook and providing an opportunity to
them, which are the increasing of the stability of the developing countries,
the rapid economic growth of the countries and the increasing of disposable
income. This is because with the three factors, Facebook are able to support
expansion of access to their social network website and social media services.
Other than that, the capacity for user to buy devices that can support Facebook
services has been increased. In result, these supported Facebook growth
strategies and they have great opportunities to develop global operation
through the market penetration. (Justin, 2017)

LinkedIn is
mostly used about employment. So, they need to study the Gross Domestic Product
(GDP) to analyse the employment rates and customer expenses. (Haseeb, 2017)