Marie-Laure is invading France. Daniel LeBlanc carries the

Marie-Laure LeBlanc lives in Paris. Her father is a locksmith who works
in a museum, in this chapter she learns about a diamond named the “Sea of Flames”.

The stone is rumored to be cursed so the owner of it will live an eternal life
however all his/hers loved ones be ruined from misfortune. Marie-Laure soon
later loses her sight completely. Marie-Laure’s father built a model of the
neighborhood so that Marie-Laure would learn to navigate the city by herself.

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Marie-Laure becomes a fan of science because it helps her rationalize and
understand what is going on. She learns by reading books in Braille.

Marie-Laure and her father are to evacuate Paris because there are rumors that
Germany is invading France. Daniel LeBlanc carries the “Sea of Flame”, he is
told that there is 3 replicas given to different people but does not know if he
is carrying the real diamond.