Regardless In “Soliloquy in the Waves” we see

Regardless of the length of his poems,Neruda writes beautiful imagery in both long and short poems,he manages to take the reader and gives them a better understanding of his work. He uses this style by directly using words that have such strong imagery and emotion without being overly wordy. An example on how he uses imagery in his poems is In the poem “Ode with a Lament” Neruda effectively uses common poetic images in new ways to make a strong point. One example noted in  “Ode with a Lament” are in the first two lines of the poem. Oh girl among the roses, oh pressure of doves, oh prison of fish and rosebushes, (1-2)Nurudas imagery section is his use of the rose and flowers in love poems. Roses are generally associated with love poems. Neruda uses this fact effectively, by using the negative aspects of flowers to show his dark love that is shown later on in that poem. The imagery read throughout Neruda’s poems reflects his innermost feelings. In “Soliloquy in the Waves” we see pablo getting emotional in the lines:I stayed alone,unable to respond to what the worldwas obviously offering me, (23-25)In these lines Neruda gives the readers an image on how dark and lonely we was this for of imagery also makes the tone of the poem more clear and gives readers a better understanding of the poem Neruda also uses plenty of visual imagery throughout the most part of his works. Visual imagery is evident in passages like this one: “the silence of the world is in its long coastthe foam of the world rises from its seaboardthe coal of the world fills it with mysterious kisses.God burns in its finger like a live coaland silver lights up like a green moonits petrifies shadow that’s like a gloomy planet.” (9-13)These lines are from Pablo Neruda’s poem “Discoverers of Chile.” In this poem he never directly states his love for Chile, but his love is implied in the imagery. The imagery within this passage is used in describe the beauty hovering over the whole country of Chile. The way Neruda uses imagry in his poems