Use a vehicle that gives more kilometers per

Use less of your personal vehicle. Use a vehicle that gives more kilometers per litre of fuel. Use less of paper in office, school and home.

2. Recycle:

This means that you collect plastic, paper, glass and metal items and recycle these materials to make required things instead of synthesizing fresh plastic, paper, glass or metal.

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For this the waste must be separated and what can be recycled should be separated from what cannot be. We have seen recycled paper of greeting cards in card shops. Even wedding invitation cards are now available on recycled paper.

3. Reuse:

This is even better than recycling because it saves the energy which is spent at recycling a product. Things are used over and over again.

For example, envelopes can be reused by reversing them. Plastic and glass bottles, in which packed items come, can be reused to store many materials in kitchen. We can reuse the water in which we have rinsed our cloths for cleaning the floor of the house.

We can use one side printed paper to print on the reverse side. Old newspaper can be used for packing. Magazines and comic books can be given to other people who may find them useful.