Some aware of what organization expects from

Some organizations have their printed manuals, which they give to their new employees to orient them with their induction training programmes for a week or so. The purpose of such general orientation programme is to build a sense of pride in the minds of the new employees and also to create an interest in them about the organization.

2. Specific Orientation:

This is intended to help new employees to get acclimatized with their new work environment. The supervisor or the departmental boss of the employee takes him on a round to his place of work and impart vocational guidance for his particular nature of work.

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He is also told about the technology, environment and other facilities available in the organization and also about the prevailing practices and customs and specific expectations from an employee. For executives and managerial employees, targets and Key Result Areas (KRAs) for each of them are given to make them aware of what organization expects from them.

3. Follow-up Orientation:

This orientation is conducted after some time of initial induction of an employee, i.e., preferably within a period of six months or so. The purpose of such orientation is to give guidance and counsel to the employees to ensure that they are reasonably satisfied and gradually settling down.