8 Causes which Prevents Proper Enforcement of Environmental Laws in India

iii. In Wildlife (Protection) Act the ownership certificates for animal articles (like tiger, leopard skin etc.) are permissible which very often serve as a tool for illegal trading.

iv. Since the Chairman and Members of the Board are often drawn either from forest services or administrative services, they don’t have technical background in pollution control and they find difficulties in providing proper guidance to their subordinate.

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v. To enforce the punishment to the polluters the State Pollution Control Board has to file a case in the lower court and due to insufficient availability of time and over work load the lower courts are not able to solve the cases on time and it result a number of cases pending for years.

vi. Due to lack of the sufficient equipment’s the Pollution Control Boards are not able to investigating, suggesting for remedial measure and monitoring the implementation wherever required.

vii. The pollution Control Boards are expected to function as statutory autonomous bodies, but due to over dependence on the Government for their existence they cannot function properly.

viii. Due to insufficient funds the Pollution Control Boards are not able to pursue the legal actions.