(i) Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is produced as
a result of incomplete combustion of carbon. Carbon monoxide is mainly released
into the air by automobile exhaust,
incomplete combustion of coal, firewood, etc. Carbon monoxide
is poisonous. It binds with haemoglobin and form carboxy haemoglobin which
impairs normal oxygen transport by blood and  hence the
oxygen carrying capacity of blood is reduced. This oxygen deficiency results in
headache, poor eye sight, nervousness and cardio vascular disorders.

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Hb       +   
    O2           ¾®          HbO2            ¾®    Hb       +    

       Haemoglobin       (Inhaled)                Oxyhaemoglobin                         (Available to the body




Hb        +        CO  
    ¾®            HbCO              ¾®  Quantity of O2 available to

(If inhaled by                                     Carboxy haemoglobin               the body cells gets     

              Humans / animals)                        (Cannot take O2 from lungs)         reduced (Anoxia). 



              Anoxia                      ¾® Leads to suffocation
and even death

                 (Oxygen starvation)