A mistake in his bottle apparently. They thought

A Brave New World book journal Chapter 1 The first chapter begins with a scary laboratory tour. The first paragraph seems a bit overwhelming with it’s use of references to the “world state”. The Director proceeds to bring the students through the lab, pointing out incubators and other technological machines designed to fertilize and grow human fetuses. This Is a rather weird thing to read about. It kind of reminds me of the book 1984 which I read last year. The whole lab also reminds me of the kind of things you see in horror video games such as resident evil. Chapter 2The tour shows how the world uses biological science to modify people. They somehow want to control the future by controlling the people’s minds. This all creates robot like people, each one is programmed to behave exactly like the next.The conditioning technique used to instill a dislike for flowers and books in infants is modeled after the research of Ivan Pavlov, a Russian scientist who worked with dogs. We learned about him during biology last year so it’s nice to see him being referenced in the book.Chapter 3The third chapter changes the setting to the lawn, where hundreds of small children play games. When the Director is referring to the “erotic play” of the small children it really shocked me. One small boy is even punished when he is hesitant to join in. The Director quickly tells the students a little background on erotic play. This Is some really messed up shit.Chapter 4Bernard’s role as the good guy continues in this chapter. He acts less like a political rebel and more like a misfit who believes that changing society is the only way for him to fit in. This is very much like the book 1984. Lenina meets Bernard Marx, an alpha-plus. They make a deal to go on holiday to New Mexico ( The Savage reservation) which i assume is the normal world.Lenina explains in this chapter that Bernard is different. He looks different. He has a small thin body, short. He is looking sad. They made a mistake in his bottle apparently. They thought he was a Gamma and began treatment before the mistake was discovered. So he doesn’t look normal and he has feelings, so he is a mutation I guess.Henry is the boyfriend of Lenina. He picks up Lenina from work. They travel by helicopter to play Obstacle Golf which sounds like a fun sport. Bernard feels worried and lonely. He suffers because he has feelings for Lenina. He meets his friend Helmholz Watson. He has also non-conditioned ideas. So apparently there are more people that are not “perfect” Chapter 5The first part of chapter five is dedicated to the everyday affairs of Lenina and Henry. They fly around in Henry’s helicopter for a while, passing the crematorium. To them, it is not a sad place at all, but actually one of hope and joy which i find rather disturbing. Normally most people don’t find a crematorium a nice and happy place but maybe that is just my opinion. Henry happily says, “Fine to think we can go on being socially useful even after we’re dead. Making plants grow.” They have somehow been conditioned to the point that their individuality means nothing compared to the collective good. They are like ants in a colony, serving only the greater good. Part two of the chapter details the events of Bernard’s Solidarity Service, which he attends every two weeks. This service is similar to a church service yet much more cult-like.Chapter 6The sixth chapter begins with Lenina wondering about Bernard. Huxley admits, “she had wondered more than once whether she shouldn’t change her mind about the New Mexico holiday…” Yet eventually Lenina realizes that this is a chance of a lifetime a chance to see an actual Reservation, a place where undeveloped humans live. I wonder if this is like a zoo to them or like a safari. Part two of the chapter details Bernard’s visit to the Director where he plans to get his permit to visit New Mexico signed. The Director willingly signs it, but then tells Bernard a seemingly unimportant story about how when he was younger he too went to Mexico with a woman. Unfortunately, the woman was lost there, and the Director had to return without her. The Director warns Bernard that he will be sent to Iceland if he doesn’t stop misbehaving. So new mexico is a savage land and Iceland is a prison country? Seems weird but okay. I’m guessing Iceland is like a work camp or something.Chapter 7Chapter seven is the beginning of Bernard’s and Lenina’s experience in the Reservation. After seeing an old man slowly walking down a ladder, Lenina is drastically repulsed, asking Bernard what is wrong with him. He responds by saying nothing is wrong with him; he’s just old and decrepit. Bernard continues, explaining why they don’t see this is their world. So they just kill the old and week? That’s not very kind. Later you find out that they do not kill the old but that the modern world has ended not only disease and suffering, but also old age.Chapter 8Bernard and John are walking and talking about the past of the Savage. The rest of the chapter describes the childhood upbringing of John, Linda’s son. He just tells his distinct memories to Bernard. At first Linda did not want him as a son. In her world, being a mother was dirty so she had a difficult time resigning herself to the fact that she now had a son.Chapter 9Chapter nine is rather uneventful. While Lenina is on something the they call a soma holiday to recover from her traumatic experiences over the last few days, Bernard makes all the necessary arrangements for their return trip with John and Linda. While the Savage waits for Bernard to return, he sees Lenina sleeping on the bed and thinks about how beautiful she is. Yet he knows that it would be wrong for him to take advantage of her and quickly goes away. It’s good of him to not take advantage of her. Many people would. Chapter 10This chapter begins with the Director and Henry Foster preparing for the arrival of Bernard, after which the Director plans to send him to Iceland. Well that sucks. The Director justifies his actions, saying, “Unorthodoxy threatens more than the life of a mere individual; it strikes at Society itself.” Soon the Director asks Bernard if there’s any reason why he shouldn’t be dismissed; he is surprised when Bernard responds in the affirmative and quickly leads Linda and John into the room. The Director is astonished and embarrassed while the rest of the crowd thinks that the whole matter is extremely hilarious. When Linda (now old and fat) cries to the Director, saying she has had his son, a hush falls over the crowd. The Director immediately resigns his post and Bernard is at least temporarily saved from Iceland. This Is a smart move but I don’t think it will keep him safe for long.