A remove the bullets. So he told

A street dog, sensing his invisible presence and quite enjoying its peaceful and friendly vibrations, latched itself to him. Soon, another dog joined the first one, and then yet another till, within a matter of minutes, he was leading a gang of half-a-dozen dogs.

As he bent down and patted their heads and made them wag their tails even harder, he heard a metallic roar behind him, and turning, saw a line of motorcycles gliding down the street.

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Looking up, a black dog exclaimed in thought-language, ‘Robbers!’

There were ten of them, two on each vehicle, and they all wore identical black jackets, dark glasses and black caps. They got off in front of the stairs leading to a bank and walked up to the entrance, which was shielded by a locked, corrugated iron shutter. One man took out a pistol to shoot open the lock. ‘Charge!’ Five Zs commanded the dogs.

In their panic, they began to fire and Five Zs deflected three bullets with his hands. Some of the robbers fell in their nervous hurry, but picking themselves up quickly, they ran pell-mell towards their bikes. In a moment they were all gone.

Stretched out on the stairs were two dogs, bleeding profusely. Five Zs extended his arms and, with rays of healing light flowing out from his hands, healed the dogs, but alone, and without instruments, it was not possible for him to remove the bullets. So he told them, ‘If you come with me, my friends and I will take care of you and put you back here.’

With all the dogs accompanying him, Five Zs returned to the field where he had been dropped. Dot on time, a spacecraft sailed in like a kite. A door opened. Five Zs went in with the two injured dogs, waved goodbye to the other ones, and disappeared into the night- sky.

The next day, a drunkard in the city mumbled some nonsense at which the people laughed scornfully. Another day later, the two missing dogs were back, and soon became the leaders of their pack.