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A healthy lifestyle can mean keeping nutrients and maintaining a diet and often exercising or regular fitness activities. It’s just a healthy diet just do not have to meet to ensure a healthy body and avoid disease, therefore it is very necessary once physical activity such as sports to support it.       The World Health Organization noted that out of ten people who exercise regularly only one and most others do not follow a healthy diet. The main factor is our passion for fast food as can be seen from the popularity of fast food chains from western restaurants and others. Even domestic food such as fried noodles, rice friends and snacks and savories loaded with calories and fat. Thus, Eating these foods every day can have an impact on weight gain. People who are overweight or obese usually suffer from many health complications such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and even cancer. lately, obesity becomes a very serious problem in society. often consume lots of fast food and less regular exercise as too much TV and computer play leads to obesity. Everyone has a variety of reasons not to exercise. from getting too busy or too sick or too fat to exercise. sports can actually reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, help maintain bone health, increase confidence, and reduce stress, Start with trying to think positive and trying to take the time to move – do any movement – can guarantee health. The fact is, sweating and physical strength is good for health if there is time to do it. All sorts of movements, such as jogging, doing homework and even farming it can be mean being considered a sport and this can make a significant difference to ensure a healthy lifestyle.    A healthy diet is very important to get a healthy life. all this does not mean just eating healthy food alone. however, keep doing diet as much as possible. A piece of bread or chocolate occasionally will not affect the difference for the health of the body. though, it is considered very healthy. However, if you continue to enjoy sugary foods and fatty foods, however, they are not good. A healthy diet can not only help improve a healthy lifestyle but can help maintain ideal body weight as well. Eating smaller amounts of food, including more vegetables in foods, such as switching to healthier salads, and consuming more fruits is a way to achieve a healthy lifestyle through food.   A healthy lifestyle is very important, living a healthy lifestyle is a very good decision. One can ignore the trivial and live a life that can endanger health. it is important to know that healthy living can guarantee a longer life, a life free from disease.