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2008, Parametricism idea was first presented in “Parametricism Manifesto”
written by Patrik Schumacher. He declares Parametricism as “the great style
after Modernism.” In this paper, it is argued if Parametricism a style or a
design method in the context of paper of Patrick Schumacher (2009, 2011) on

can be said that Modern architecture doctrines fail to satisfy to explain the
parametric design products. Architecture should generate new theoretical ideas
specific to parametric design. Thus, Parametricism notion is a precious idea
because it is directly related to parametric design and forms an updated
theoretical base.

methods of architecture changes with the effect of technology, then the theory
is reconsidered. Recent developments in technology effected architecture about
the computational design methods. In parallel, parametric design method became
a part of architectural design process.
In this context, it is observed that new theories are needed to be discussed
about parametric design. Concerning parametric design theoretical context, the
idea of Parametricism  has been proposed to meet the need. According
to Deluze (1977), one-time practice was an
application of a theory and other times it inspired theory.a3  If
we assume parametric design as practice, the idea Parametricism is accepted as
theory. As the Parametricism came out as a consequence of parametric design so
the relation between method and theory must be investigated. This study aims to
investigate the relationship between Parametric design and the idea

recent times, with the progress of computational design tools such as 3D design
and CAD softwares became common drawing and designing tools in architectural
design process. By the progress of digital design tools and design techniques
parametric design has emerged. It is the new design technique that brings
novelty to architecture regarding design methods and construction techniques. As
a result of changing digital design technologies it is observed that new
architectural design strategies occurred.