AbstractIn The main characteristics of the ?N-Gen culture

AbstractIn recent years , Bangladesh is developing very fast. This country is going to be turned as digitalized day by day . Technology is booming rapidly from year to year in Bangladesh, and the younger generations are the ones caught in this rapid change. If we notice about the communication system, then Social Networking Sites can be considered as a platform of revolution, moreover our young generation have a major involvance on this platform . The purpose of this research is to understand the present situation and come up with some findings like whether the youth find a new way of living or not , a new meaning of digitalization , how they use it for or what are the purposes This research paper is made with an aim to represent the analysis that how such digitalization affects our young generation & how the social networking sites are changing lives for better.INTRODUCTIONSocial media is the integration of digital media including combinations of electronic texts, graphics, moving images and sound into a structured computerized environment that allows people to interact with the data for appropriate purposes . It depends on phone line connections, so the better these are across a territory, the more reliable the service .As the use of social network sites rise in popularity, the youth spends large amounts of their time browsing the Internet and interacting via social network sites . So it has the important role in the lifestyle of youth. It is evident that there exists a relation between social media and their impact on the youth’s change in behavior .Today, young generations grow up having great contact with different kinds of social media. They are easily acquiring digital literacy and live in a digital world to which adults are only naturalized citizens’.Tapscott talks of growing up in a digital environment referring to the youth as the Net Generation. Youth are socializing in a hybrid virtual space, learning in innovative ways, creating a new language and practicing multicultural values (Tappscott, 1998). The main characteristics of the ?N-Gen culture are: independence, emotional and intellectual openness, inclusion, freeexpression and strong views, innovative, preoccupation with maturity, pleasure by the investigation, immediacy, and sensitivity to corporate interest, authentication, and trust. (Tapscott, 1998 pp. 62-69).As the use of social network sites rise in popularity, the youth spends large amounts of their time browsing the Internet and interacting via social network sites. It is important to be aware of the effect that this use has on their sociological and psychological development . We have also found from another study that total number of socialmedia user in Bangladesh is 21,439,070 people (“Digital Bangladesh”, 2015). And 85% of them are young people ,they use social networking in various ways like forming communities, academic learning , business purposes , being updated , entertainment etc.Moreover ,social medias are making life more easier because we can get everything online , and it is changing the life of our youth because it shows them a better way of living . Access to social media has become easier with its introduction on mobile phones in the form of apps Here you need not to present physically but you can maintain all of your academic, business or personal life in a balanced way .These revolution of social medias makes learning interesting , businesses become more easier , people of any ages can earn from it or if one has the special skills he or she can easily speared it around the world . Notley (2009) stresses that “it is clear from the research that participants’ online network use provided them with opportunities to participate in society in ways that were social, economic, cultural, civic, and educational. In this way online network use had supported all of the participants’ social inclusion”. n.p.Distance , long time these words are now just a myth , digitalization via social networking sites change the way we live before , what was a dream for us 15-20 years ago . These technologicalimprovement creates a platform for our youth that they can make a difference from the past to the present with the easier way of living , standardizes learning or nourishing personal skillsBACKGROUNDSocial media is the term we use to describe platforms that bring people together for the exchange of information. It has become an integral part of people’s private and professional or social lives. In recent years, using of social networking sites increasing tremendously. Everyday a lot of new users open account on social networking sites. Now a days moderncivilization depend on social networking sites. It helps us in promoting and aid communication , sharing knowledge and e-learning, businesses, entertainments ,academic learning, online earnings ,skills development etc. Agrawal (2016) explained that “It is one of the best ways to stay informed. Major news outlets, corporations and persons of interest use social media to deliver messages to the masses. With items posting , sharing immediately, the public stays informed.”n .p.The role of social media in academic learning and its effects on studentsperformance has multiple dimensions .Many institution have create facilities to take greater benefits of social media through taking classes or exams online . Besides social media is also a platform that allows students to communicatewith one another, with their teachers and communities that share their same education. Pardo explained that these types of interaction are “an essential part of how humans learn.” (Pardo, 2013, p. 45) . The use of social networking sites to make learning more analytical, flexible, interactive, and collaborative for both the teacher and the taughtStudents can study online together via Facebook groups and get better understanding on academic subjects . In Bangladesh many schools , collages or universities have their appearance in social media and they post related information , news , schedules on their details on that , as a results student need not to present there physically for colleting academic information. So it is changing the perspective of our youth about academic learning now a days , If social media tools are used effectively for communication and collaboration for academic purposes it will eliminate the drawback of learning in isolation in an e-learning mode.Learning online is not an uncommon concept and many do it all over the world,Now it is also a common practice in Bangladesh . Knowledge discovery, knowledge sharing and collaboration are becoming more important today. With the growing media like blogs, wiki, micro blogs, Facebook, twitter are being used widely in our daily life’s and these technologies are now being used by the teaching community to broadcast and deliver lectures to the students at large. In Bangladesh the revolution of online learning is ’10 minutes school’. The 10 Minute School is definitely a one-of-a-kind platform, enabling both children and adults to learn, study and deliver. The objective of the 10 Minute school is very simple – solving the problem of access to quality teachers and resources for 4 crore students who are currently enrolled in the education system .Social media helps people to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions.It enables direct communication with authorities, it allows your message to reach a wider audience, and also is quite handy. Sharing on such a public platform can be done is various forms like pictures, videos, simple content or even URLs etc. Social media is a convenient platform to engage withaudience directly, a game changer for any individual. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn can be used in various forms and structures. It is so much happening on the skill front, social media can be used as a platform to give and carry updates, provide tiny bits of information about the process of training, various stories of placement, and any other information worth sharing. It can be the best way to communicate the positive impact skill development programs have created, the challenges and also the outcomes. With various skill development schemes coming up and lot of trainees graduating each day, social media is the best platform for youth to share their experiences .or If you are a trainer, connect with relevant professionals, share updates about your training, achievements and seek suggestions and advice on necessary topics. Thus our young generation can get the opportunities for developing their skills via social media .Social media is a platform where young people can earn money online . Even though it’s a relatively new industry, there are already a number of ways to earn money with social media. Every major social media outlet has in some way helped users turn their hobby into a business or turn their business into a bigger business.Tantalize Customers With Your Product On PinterestRun An Online Instagram ShopCopywriting, editingMonetize A YouTube ChannelSell Your ArtAnd thus young people can earn money and be a entrepreneur of his/her own business. Or any one who has started business online already , doing it online is more easier . Because•    Don’t need any capital for starting a business•    Easy to reach the target customer•    Easy to identify market conditionour young generation are smarter and qualified than before , and doing business in online through social media is the smartest way .Social media is playing a vital role in the youth leadership of Bangladesh . It helps to connect with people and make concept more familiar to the youth .There is no need of physical appearance always so young people are more likely to join in this field.Moreover, social networking sites are changing lives for better. It is a huge revolution for country like Bangladesh that our young generation s life style is changing with the smartest use of technological development .social medias are now a part of our life .Social media platforms may be the banks of the future.Social media is shaking up healthcare and public healthSocial media is changing how we govern and are governedSocial media is helping us better respond to disasterssocial media is helping us tackle some of the world’s biggest challengesso , here no doubt that social media is bringing remarkable changes in our life style ,thoughts, most important it effects our youth .RESEARCH QUESTIONSIn my research I plan to investigate how the social media is changing our youth lives for the better. My research will address the following research question:What are the attitudes of young generation on social media?What are the challenges and opportunities of Social Media?How social networking sites are changing our way of living?How it has become a fact of revolution for our country?HYPOTHESISWith the touch of modern science Bangladesh is getting digitalized day by day. As a result, we have some changes in Social networking sites that are influencing positively and negatively to the youth of Bangladesh. From my research, I expect to investigate that how social networking sites are changing our lives for better and how it helps young people for a better life style.. I think, this revolution is changing our way of learning, our educational system, business patterns, gives us a huge source for sharing knowledge and e-learning. Some argue that social media is just a waste of time & has no use. From my research, I would try to give a light on this issue that social media is now a huge source of opportunity and a blessing of technology which makes our life easier and better, and also the questions answer will come out sometimes. I expect that the Hypothesis will come out with the result through research paper.THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE RESEARCH:For a long time, there was a myth that social networking sites are not that much useful and people have nothing to do with it , more or less it is destroying our young generation .But my research will give a clear idea that though it had some negative aspects in the past ,but now this technological revolution is changing lives and it comes up with a better life style . My research will also added the fields, opportunities where the society can actually realize social media is the life changing milestone on this era .Not only that , my research will also help me in self learning , increasing my knowledge . as research it self a disciplined process , so it puts discipline in my life style .Moreover , many people have done their research on the issue of social media , but my research is adding a new finding field in the whole issue .Regarding that I think my research will be very helpful to the society , myself and the issue itself .RESEARCH METHODOLOGYFor my primary research, I will conduct a survey of 30 young people of different schools, colleges and universities. The survey questionnaire containing questions related to the research theme or topic.. And from which I would be able to find out my hypothesis whether it is logical or not.For my secondary research, I plan to use the resources of the library and will consult web, books, articles, journals etc. For finding information I used search engines like Google, yahoo, etc. in my research whenever I need to take help from secondary research I used APA citation.Besides my paper will be divided into several sections, the most important of which are the Introduction, Background, Data Presentation and Analysis, and Summary of findings. Within the sections my organization will be based on my research questions.