According agreed that good reading practices do influence

to Owusu-Acheaw (2014), the study conducted established the connection between
reading habits and academic performance. The study was conducted on Koforidua
Polytechnic students in Ghana. One thousand students answered the qualitative
questionnaire given regarding the research topic, which was analyzed by the SPSS
Statistical Package of Social Science. The study showed that most students
agreed on the notion that reading is important in a sense. However, from the
percentage that agreed on the importance of reading, most had not read any
novels or nonfiction in the past two semesters and 62.0% read just to pass
study related exams. The percentage of 75.0% chose that they only read for the
purpose of passing exams and studies related to university. More than half the
respondents of the questionnaire agreed that good reading practices do
influence academic performance as a response to a question asked about that
matter. The research suggested that academics should perhaps stop giving away
handouts and instead, to send the students to the library in order for them to
conduct their own researches regarding the courses given. Therefore, the
researcher suggested a new way of teaching which could help students do better
in their academia.