According body image and how her life could

According to Sonic Youth (2009), the singer in the
music video mainly explains more about her body image and how she perceives it.
From the pictures displayed, the singer is showing her life and how the society
thinks about her body image and what she thinks about. She seems to be
undergoing weight loss in her life, and somehow, she is not happy about it.
This is because she does not like the fact that she is growing slimmer every
day. Also, she tries to encourage herself and starts thinking that she can feel
positively about her life changes. That is where she says that she looks in the
mirror and sees quite the opposite of what she thinks.

This music video is directly linked to eating habits
which lead one to lose or gain weight. This is because the singer mentions more
about her body image and how her life could turn out when she dies. Somehow the
weight loss depresses her, but she keeps encouraging herself and thinking on
the positive end about it all. I like the video because it tries to support
those who are undergoing weight loss to love and accept themselves just as they
are. The video lyrics are so explicit, and the listener can capture the
apparent message of the song which seems hopeful and helpful. Other than multiple
scenes in the music video, I also could not help but notice the woman’s facial expressions
which seemed to be sad and dead. Almost as if she had no emotions anymore.

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Another thing I observed in the music video is the way
a skeleton is placed on top of the singer to portray how she thinks her life
after death would be. She even tries to communicate to her mother to look at
her and see that she is doing great and she is happy about herself. I could also
see the skeleton pertaining to how everybody is the same in structure in the inside
despite huge differences in the outside. Lastly, this music video helps people
who are losing weight due to several factors to take it to heart and think
positively about life, and this is an excellent contribution to the world.