According (information from the Commission for Indigenous Peoples,

to R. Rand Allingham, MD 2008, An exertion was made to select members more
seasoned than 40 years old. The Aeta don’t take after a logbook; and in this
way there is no record of birthdates. With a specific end goal to evaluate age,
a verifiable reference was utilized as a substitute date-book. World War II
(WWII) is all around recalled by all more established Aeta, who were dislodged
and now and again assaulted by Japanese troops amid the control of the
Philippines from 1941 to 1945. Utilizing this as a logbook substitute, Aeta who
were alive, or whose guardians or grandparents were alive, amid WWII were
welcome to take an interest. The assessed age of those alive amid WWII would be
more prominent than 60 years. The evaluated age for Aeta couples to start to
have kids is 12 to 15 years old (information from the Commission for Indigenous
Peoples, Manila). Consequently, the assessed age for those whose guardians were
alive amid WWII would be around 40 to 60 years; those whose grandparents were
alive would be under 40 years of age.

according to Jocano (1998) the researcher’s meetings demonstrate that for a
chieftain of the group to have the capacity to hold an ethical impact on the
group (particularly at Zambales), the ‘skipper’ or ‘innate chieftain’, is
typically picked on the quality of his political impact exogenously, as opposed
to as a result of his age this applies another regulatory part.

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according to William Reed (1904) he expressed that a young fellow can be
married by age 20 and a young lady by 16. The bandi or lady cost is compulsory.
The group of the kid orchestrates a marriage by giving a part of the bandi to
the group of the young lady. It might likewise be paid as administrations
rendered by the kid to the young lady’s family. Succeeding portions may
likewise be paid by the kid or by his family after the couple’s marriage.

all know that Aetas has still have their culture up to this point of time that
is why their ages in the present time where 
civilization process have  existed
they still have it and preserved it even it was all started a long time ago.
These statements showed that an aeta couple can be married even their ages are
just 20 and 16 and to them it was not a big deal because that is the usual
thing that happened and as the effect of it their culture was still on going to
be preserve despite of the civilization process. There is a practice that age
is not what matters in ruling their tribe, This practice was just like what we
have they has a leader who is called a chieftain and the age of selecting a
chieftain is not what is needed but it all depends in what he or she have done
to influence the whole tribe. The first article concludes that during WW11 the
common ages of females that gives birth was ranging from 11 – 15 years old just
imagine it was too young if we will compare it with us but as a part of their
culture it was not a big problem on their tribe. Ages of every member of Aeta
tribes are not aware on what does others do just to preserve their tribe and
just not be so affected of the civilization process that was existing in this
point of time