According UCLA conducted a study on how brains

According to Paul Thompson who wrote “the article on
startling finds on teenage brain” he states that emotional growth in
adolescents is lower than those of grown addition UCLA conducted a study
on how brains evolves in different stages in a child life to adult hood. More
over langue acquisition is easily. Achieved than mathematical abstract patterns
until they reached pubescence. To add to ‘the loss rate of brain tissue is 1 to2%
per year”. Furthermore the carefree behavior urge and daring action are not
property process by teens.

Paul also talks about a 13year old boy who committed a
crime by bring a gun to school who claims that it was all a misunderstanding.
But if it was why would he have brought one in the first place knowing the laws
of the school and the law of sates so most likely it didn’t look like an
accident. They believe it would be consider the same as any other adult and
will be charged as a 2nd degree murder just because his action
weren’t believable enough to be even a bit reasonable. Also finding out that
teens mind are just like an out of control volcano because the high amount of
the tissue they might have lost causing them to lose track of the good and the
bad ways to go. One way to find out is to keep researching the brain so that we
can find out what is in teens heads to find out if they think like adults or
just like a normal kids.

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But in the article “On punishment and teen killers” Is
about how kids are starting to act like adults in certain crimes. One example
was put a teenager who killed a pregnant lady and her husband as she begs for
her life for her life for her unborn child as he shot her and for the reason he
stated “I just wanted see how it feels to shoot someone”. And for
that he is now I doing three life sentences, just like 1,300 cases of other
murder cases as teen killers. But sometimes it’s just the brains fault for the
way teens are acting if so then teens would have been having even more highly
rates of killing. Maybe sometimes it’s just because people may have some mental
issues call Lionel to think about plans to hurt people or Rob banks.

Lastly even juveniles can feel the hurt that the victim’s
family feels knowing what they have done is wrong. Many jlwop offenders are
reported repeatedly and may have killed multiple people. Some people might get
life in prison but that is far less then what other people in other countries.
And juvenile death penalty, is selling teens into sexual slavery, forced labor,
as the list goes on. But in the restorative justice has shows us the way out a
conversation focused on victims needs which skate holders at the table.

In my opinion I believe sometimes teens Minds aren’t always
where they should be. Sometimes I tend to think they wander off and different
perspectives of how they are raised. And when they are lost and Afraid and
can’t seem to get home they can go but I do believe that they should be
punished and their crimes but not to be slaved or killed for what they have
done even if what they did is crucially wrong. I also think if these kids got
help before they started thinking this way they would probably be less teens
going to jail for these type of crimes.