ACKNOWLEDGEMENTFirst charge LIS Department. I am unable to

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTFirst of all I am very thankful to Almighty Allah Who always showered His blessings upon me. This internship program made me realized about the value of working as a team. I also got a rich experience of professional activities during my internship which has been possible, no doubt, due to the opportunity provided by the LIS department of AIOU. Special thanks to Dr. Pervaiz Ahmad, In charge LIS Department. I am unable to find the words which can express his encouraging behavior. I am thankful to all LIS faculty and support staff of AIOU for their support during the whole program.  I am also thankful to Mr. Muhammad Riaz, Librarian, University of Lahore for his help at each and every step during the internship program.I am also grateful to my parents who always supported me at each and every stage of my life. I am thankful to Mr. Akhtar Naseer Waraich who guided me throughout my M.L.I.S studies.I have no words which can interpret encouraging style of Dr. Shafiq-ur-Rehman, Associate Professor, University of the Punjab and Mr. Muhammad Safdar, Librarian, NUST who supported and helped me in completing this program successfully.Javed ShoukatThe University of LahoreIntroduction:The University of Lahore is a private sector university in Pakistan, with more than 22,000 students and 7 campuses. The University was established in 1999 and has since then been offering courses in the fields of Medicine & Dentistry, Engineering, Arts and Social Sciences. With strong emphasis on balanced progress and focus on human capital The University has grown to 11 faculties and 32 departments. The quality of teaching facility and research excellence has also granted international recognition placing the University amongst the first Pakistani University to be ranked in the QS Ranking, and in 2012 ranked among the top 6 Universities from Pakistan in QS Asia Ranking. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) recognizes the University of Lahore at its highest “W4” category of Universities reserved for those institutions that full all criterion of an International Quality University. The University of Lahore has special focus on Professional and Technical Education as it is an instrument of growth & development of any country’s economy, therefore, the programs of Medicine & Dentistry, Public Health, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Pharm-D, Nursing and Law which are equipped with state of the art Laboratories and are accredited by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC), Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), Pharmacy Council of Pakistan and Pakistan Nursing Council and Pakistan Bar Council respectively. Strong linkages with the industry are of paramount importance for any Higher education institution and The University of Lahore enjoys excellent links with international Universities. We also have a range of knowledge sharing and human resource development programs with major multinationals of Pakistan. Students at the University can expect excellent internship and skill development programs during the course of their education.Below is the snap shot of university building:Lahore CampusThe University’s Main Campus on Defence Road is built near the prime Defence Road area just off Raiwind Road and consists of a purpose built facility spanning 100 Acres which houses the University College of Medicine & Dentistry, Pharmacy department, Lahore Business School, Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Bio-chemistry, Environmental Science, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Nursing School, Law Department and School of Creative Arts. The facility features a lush park with fountains and flower gardens and an inner courtyard, which provides ample space for students to rest and recuperate. Additional facilities include a four floor student center, a purpose built library, on premises hostels with concierge and laundry and spacious auditoriums. The premises also encompass two technology parks, the Agri technology park and the biotechnology (CRIMM) is also based here. The Development of a Mosque and a comprehensive sports complex are currently underway.The Campus on Raiwind Road spans 4 Acres & 7 Kannals and houses the Engineering, technology and computer science, University College of Dentistry, Mathematics Department and English Literature & Language. The facility features a comprehensive library, a spacious cafeteria and fully equipped laboratories and IT infrastructure. The City Campus houses the school of Accountancy and Finance and is based in the posh Gulberg Area.What is Library?”Library is a place organized to provide physical bibliographical and intellectual access to the largest groups.”University of Lahore’s LibraryThe University’s library resources include books, journal sand e-books. The University of Lahore currently houses four well equipped libraries with cumulatively more than 31000 books catering to a wide range of subjects. The University also has access to 72 Mbps Pakistan Educational Research Network (PERN) facilities, E- Library, OPAC, mini labs, HEC digital library as well as International online Libraries and Journals. The University of Lahore has subscription of World Class Turnitin services for Plagiarism check. .Library Timing:Monday to Friday:              08:00AM to 09:00PM  Juma Break:            01:00 PM to 02:30 PMSaturday & Sunday:            09:00 AM to 05:00PM     Library Staff:Name               Designation Mr. Muhammad Riaz                                                                LibrarianMr. Muhammad Yousaf                                                            LibrarianMr. Muhammad Ahmad                            Library Asst.Mr. Furqan Anwer                                                                     Library Asst.Mr. Shahzada Khurram                                                              Library Asst.Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Maqbool                                              Library Attendant Mr. Qaisar Abbas                                                                      Library AttendantMr. Dildar Ahmad                                                                     Library AttendantMr. Habib Ullah                                                                         Library AttendantMr. Taveer Ahmad                                                                    Library AttendantLibrary Objectives:To provide the better environment for reading.To provide better collection for the academic satisfaction of users.To make the students creative minded though excellent books so that they may be able to perform for the betterment and development for society. To enhance the library users knowledge & skills.Library Rules:Silence must be observed in all the library areasMembers who behave in an abusive manner will be asked to leave the Library.Books will not be issued without student Id card.All Library items must be borrowed out before leaving the library. Unborrowed items taken beyond the library gate are considered stolen. Offenders are liable for stern disciplinary action.Chairs and study tables are not allowed to move around.Smoking, drinking, ringing of mobile are prohibited.Personal belongings (like file covers, briefcase and bags should be left outside the Library).Books and videos are issued for the following duration for BS Students:Item Max No DurationBooks 4 14 DaysVideo Cassettes 1 5 DaysFor RO’s, TA’s, Staff and MS Program Student:Items Max No DurationBooks 7 4 weeksVideo Cassettes 1 5 DaysMagazines, CD ROMS and Reference books will not be issued under any circumstances.A fine of Rs. 5 per day would be charged for each book or video cassettes return after due date. If any item is lost, then the borrower must replace it within one month. Library SectionsDuring my internship, I have worked in various sections of the library. Library staff helped me a lot in learning the practical work. During my stay in library, I worked in the following sections:Automation AcquisitionTechnical SectionCirculationSerialThesisApart from the above, I also went through the other functions and processes of the library. These include the following:ShelvingShelf ReadingDetails of my learning during my internship are as under:Below are details about the above mentioned sections:AutomationLibrary automation is the application of ICTs to library operations and services. The functions that may be automated are any or all of the following: acquisition, cataloging, public access (OPAC and WebPAC), indexing and abstracting, circulation, serials management, and reference.Library of University of Lahore is using Koha software. In automation, I entered the data of library material in Koha software. I also learned about the installation of the Koha software. I also learned about the following processes.How to enter dataWhich data should be entered?How to enter multiple copies of a titleHow to edit the item etc.How to create patrons accountsSearching of materialHow to Search Books and other Material on Library Web OpacLibrary has its Web Opac which can be explored by typing following link in the address bar of Below are some screen shots of various modules of the Koha software:Koha Home PageHere we can use any one of the options given, and proceed further.How to Search Needed Material?Type tile or author name in the search bar and click on the “Go” button.You can search in all libraries OR any one library of your choice.AcquisitionLibrary acquisition is the department of a library responsible for the selection and purchase of materials or resources. The department may select vendors, negotiate consortium pricing, arrange for standing orders, and select individual titles or resources.I learned about the acquisition processes while working in the acquisition section. My learning about acquisition processes is as under:The preparation of performaRequest  receivingDuplication checkingRequest approvalQuotation callingPrices’ comparisonOrder placingChecking the condition of acquired materialVerification of pricesPaymentTechnical SectionTechnical Services are the behind-the-scenes activities that a library undertakes to process library materials loaned for the public.  These activities include ordering, classifying and cataloging, preparing materials for the library shelves, inventory, and weeding.  Other technical services include the activities related to acquiring donated materials, and repairing and preservation of library materials.I went through the various processes of technical section during my work in library. I learned about the following:Assigning of DDC No.Assigning of author markPreparing of barcodePreparing of spine labelPasting of spine labelPasting of barcodesPasting of book cardPasting of book slipPasting of book pocket etc.CirculationLibrary circulation or library lending comprises the activities around the lending of library books and other material to users of a lending library. A circulation or lending department is one of the key departments of a library.I also worked in the circulation section and I got expertise in the following areas:Maintenance of patrons’ accountsIssuance of library materialReturn of borrowed materialMaintaining the cards of issued books Preparing finesSending remindersGenerating reports etc.Serial SectionA “serial” is defined as any publication issued in successive parts which are intended to be continued indefinitely. These publications may be issued in print, non-print, and/or electronic format.I went through various processes in the serials’ section. These include maintaining of serial record, alphabetical shelving of the material (magazines/journals) and record keeping.Thesis SectionIn the thesis section, I learned about the following:Thesis scanningShelving of thesis ShelvingIn this section, I did the tasks regarding the shelving of returned library material.Shelf ReadingIn this section, I did the shelf reading of the books. I arranged the books in the stacks so that users can withdraw their needed material easily.Some Suggestions for Library ImprovementThere should be clear direction or symbol for the users about the location of library .Sitting capacity needs to be improved.Most of the time students create noise and fuss, so, strict disciplinary action should be taken to create study environment.Most computers are out of order and resultantly users suffer a lot, therefore, they should be repaired or replaced.ConclusionAt the end of my practicum report, I want to say that it was an excellent, extraordinary and brilliant experience to work in the library. All the staff members were very cooperative, supportive and sympathetic. I really enjoyed during my internship. It was a challenging experience for me. Library provided me learning environment where I gained technical skills and knew how different tools can be used in various sections. I tried to perform all services and learned how to improve library services. My practicum brings in me different qualities such as team work, communication skills, and getting up-to-date with professional knowledge.