Ada poor and the rich, the unknown and

Ada Naab
Ms. Carney
19 January 2018

Martin Schoeller
The famous award-winning photographer was born in Munich, Germany on March 12,

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1968. After starting his career as a photographer assisting Annie Leibovitz, he began to do
freelance photography. This meant that he would take extreme close-up portraits of people that
he found on the street. Doing this attracted much attention. His whole point for doing this was to
put the poor and the rich, the unknown and the famous, on the same platform. Doing this
challenges the viewers existing notions of celebrity, value, and honesty. Martin studied at Lette
Verein in Berlin. Since 1988, his images have been published in Rolling Stone, Esquire, TIME,
Entertainment Weekly, GQ, and The National Geographic. Then, in 1999 he began working for
The New Yorker as a contributing photographer alongside others. In 2000, he got married to a
graphic designer named Helen Rutman. His is best known for his portraits of celebrities and
ordinary people. His photographs are apart of the permanent collection in the National Portrait
Gallery, Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.. He has also published two books: Close
Up in 2005 and Identical in 2012. Martin currently lives in New York and is still an active

This photo is good because it shows a close up of Rihanna and her
imperfections. Many people believe that celebrities do not have
imperfections so this is a good way to make everyone feel equal.

This is a good photo because it really focuses on the highlights of his face. It is
easy to see all of his facial features and definition of his face.

I like this photo because even though he is famous, Martin makes him
look like any other person.

The background and his dark shirt bring out the color of his eyes

I like this photo because the blood adds an interesting touch to the photo.
Also in many movies she played someone who was powerful like
Maleficent, in which she was the villain. To me this adds some character