Hi, of different colours, most of which

Hi, My name is Tim. Gurney. I am here today to present my new, fantastic advert. My advert advertises a Mars bar. I chose to advertise this product because it appeals to a broad audience and is a product that many people like. Over the course of this speech I am going to talk about the different features on this advert that make it so effective. These topics include: what is in the advert, the colour, shape and positioning of the advert, and also the text and use of the anchor.

To start off I am going to show you what is on the advert and then going to say why I chose to have those things on it. As you can see there is a Mars logo, a slogan, an image of the product being advertised, and a picture of the sun, the earth, Saturn and a star. There are also some interactive flaps. I chose to put the pictures of the planets on to the advert because it creates an effect of being in space. By putting them on it also helps to underline the slogan and the image of the Mars bar.

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You can see by the positioning of my advert that it has been organised n a neat, uncluttered manner. This makes it easier to see the advert and it helps to guide the eye around the different areas. The reason that I put the image of the Mars bar near to the slogan is that after the Mars bar catches your eye it leads you into seeing the slogan, which is an important aspect of the advert. The planets are placed around the edge of the Mars bar to make it look more like a universe; this helps to create visual impact.

I am now going to discuss the colours used in my advert. You can clearly see that I have used a range of different colours, most of which are bright and bold. This helps to catch your eye and makes the advert stand out. The main colours I have used are Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue and purple. All of these colours are one’s which help the advert look attractive and eye catching. The background colour is cream, which allows the individual images to stand out.

There are three main different sorts of shapes used in this advert. The first is the interactive flaps that are rectangular. I chose to have them this shape because it is easier to write information underneath and they fit well onto the page. The second shape is of the planets. I chose to have the planets round, as that is the shape that they are in real life, this adds to the effect of it being in space. The third shape is of the Mars bar. I chose to have this shape because it is different than the planets, which helps it stand out.

I have created interactive flaps on my advert because I figured you will want to find what’s underneath them resulting in you looking at the advert. I would now like to pick four volunteers (pick four people) O.k., what I would like you to do is read out what is underneath each of the flaps. ? Could you read the flap with the Sun on the front, ? You read the one with the Earth, ? You read the one with Saturn on and could ? Read the one with the picture of the Mars bar on it. (They read their parts)

Thank you, you may now sit down. I thought that those sentences worked well because they gave you facts about planets and a fact about the Mars bar, which added humour. Another good point about using the interactive flaps is that you can fit more information on the page without it looking cramped can’t you? There are three different areas where text has been used. The logo, the slogan and the different facts. As you can see I have used the actual style used by Mars in writing the logo. This makes the writing look attractive and is also easily recognised. The slogan says “The taste that’s out of this world” I have used hand writing for the slogan because it makes an effect that it is a quote, therefore proving to you that it tastes brilliant.

The last piece of text is the facts. These have also been written in handwriting, as it seems to have been copied out of a factual book. The sentence about the Mars bar is reinforcing the slogan because it emphasises the message I am trying to get across (which is just how good the Mars bar tastes.) The anchor I have chosen is the slogan “The taste that’s out of this world” because it helps to link the taste of the mars bar being out of this world and the fact that the planet mars is out of this world. In conclusion, I believe I have created a powerful successful advert. I have used the colour to add effect; positioning to add visual impact, Interactive flaps to create interest and a powerful anchor that creates humour.