Advertising and cutting up their bodies – –

has the power to educate people.  We see advertisements everywhere and
on almost everything.  The place that stood out to me the most was schools.  Schools are a learning environment for our children, so what are we really teaching them? I really enjoyed how Jean Kilbourne speaks.  She was very engaging and entertaining.  I thought
it was interesting that she was a model.  That fact and her experience
with working with the women’s movement made me value her opinions more.   When
Kilbourne began studying advertisements, she started collecting the
ones that stood out to her the most.  She began to see an idea or notion
of “what it meant to be a woman” in the messages of these
advertisements.  These ads did not show a healthy vision or realistic
outlook of womanhood.   Advertisers are in it for the money, and they do not always consider the affect their ads will have on consumers.  Although advertisers have somewhat changed their methods over the years, they are still in it for the money.   The image advertisers show us of women isn’t real; it is made up.  Advertisements can literally construct “the perfect woman” which tells women they
look isn’t good enough.  Advertisements go as far as making women into
things or objects and cutting up their bodies – – using only the most
attractive body parts.  The breasts being the body parts that
advertisements focus on the most.  According to Kilbourne, treating
women like objects tells men that it is okay to abuse them.   Men are generally not objectified as much as women are in advertisements.  Men are not judged by their bodies and woman and girls are.  From a very young age, girls are taught by advertisements that how they look is the most important thing.   Even
celebrities are mocked when they gain weight.  Today’s standards say
that a woman must be thin to be considered beautiful.  Advertisements
today promote eating disorders.   I am always secretly thrilled when I see on the news that a new company has done an advertising campaign with a plus-sized woman.  It’s very sad to me though that it is such a rare or abnormal thing that it needs to be headlined in the news.   Weight loss advertisements make up a large part of the ads we are exposed to. 
Diet products are dangerous though and can even kill you.  All of the
weight loss ads make women ashamed to eat or of what they eat.  We are
taught to hate our bodies. The
body language of women and girls in ads is very different from that of
men.  Men are usually pictured as strong and manly, and
females are shown as weak and vulnerable.  Advertising sells the idea
that it is sexy to be a little girl.  This is just wrong!  There are
even padded bras and thongs made for girls.  This also seems wrong to me
on so many levels.   Advertisements teach girls that they will be rewarded for their appearance or sexualized behavior.  Hot equals successful and accepted.  Because they are exposed so early and so much to a negative self-image, girls are more prone to depression, eating disorders, and self-image problems. I am not entirely sure that I totally agree that violent images make people more aggressive.  I think that people tend to be aggressive on their own accord, no matter what they are exposed to.  I do think and know however that the constant exposure to violent images does desensitize people.   In order to combat the negative self-images
that advertisements show us, we need to educate ourselves.  We should
study ads as they are released and learn to speak up against negative
portrayals of women in advertising.