After 1960, if a chemist is found selling

 After a walk or a jog, a diet conscious man will definitely need some liquid diet. It may be juice or else “milk”. According to drug controller, cows are being injected a drug commonly referred as “Oxytocin”.  This drug help cattle’s to fabricate more milk. This drug is very dangerous for not only cattle’s who are injected but common people also as they are consuming it unwittingly.”This injection containing oxytocin drug is commonly used for pregnant women and it also increases memory gland and secretion of milk”, said Dr. N.A. Senthil Nathan. Commercial stables use to infuse two times the drugs in cattle. Due to this, the milk stored in mammary glands, is also released which is basically used to feed their calves. “These drugs bring muscular contraction and causes enormous pain in their glands. The calves’ nourishment also gets disturbed and their immunity level also become low. It decreases their survival years by injecting the drugs for money sake”, said an officer of drug controller.  “We are not known and aware of what harmful drugs we are taking indirectly from our milk. We think that our milk costs high, therefore the milk will be good and safe for our family but nowadays even by throwing money we can’t get good and pure things always,” said Sudha, resident of Sowcarpet, Chennai. “Ingestion of oxytocin milk can cause hormonal changes in the human body. The causes or diseases may differ from person to person”, said Jagadeesan, additional health officer. “One day I saw my milkman injecting this oxytocin drugs to the cows. When I caught him he said that all milkman use to inject this drug in cattle’s and it is not affecting their health. And after the argument at last he said that if you don’t want milk from me then you can go to the other milkman,” said Narayan, resident of Agaram nagar, Chennai. Under act food and drug adulteration prevention act 1960, if a chemist is found selling these drugs, then his license can be seized. These drugs can only be used after the prescription made by the medical practitioner for the cattle’s. These drugs are also used in pregnant women as well as in fruits and vegetables to make them grow fats a look healthy and fresh. “These drugs are commonly used in dairy. There is no proof that this drug causes health problems. But it is assumed that it can cause health issues”, said Dr. D.K. Sriram. “Nowadays, cows are for business purpose. Earlier they were worshipped with emotions but now they are treated badly by businessman”, said Radhakrishnan, resident of camp road, Chennai. He also concluded that strict laws and rules should be made in order to stop the use of bad drugs such as ‘oxytocin’.