After consist from Japan and China. Some people


            After globalisation, dimensions of
racism also transformed into more serious level. World get apart from two main
pieces: Eastern and Western parts. With this separation, western culture was
began to seem superior. If one thing is superior, then it means other thing or
things are detestable. Another issue related to the separation is
generalization within the groups. As mentioned in the documentary, people ask
if they are Japanese or Chinese when they see people having slanting eyes which
represent ascribed status of these people. These Asian people are not same and
also Asia does not just consist from Japan and China. Some people use racist
expressions over Asian people such as who speak weird language, silly, poor,
dirty… Sharon, the girl who had the cosmetic surgery in the documentary, said
that it’s how people perceive you and after a point, you start to believe these
thoughts. These words express well the racist pressure on a person and negative
outcome of the pressure as well. Here, at that point, the cosmetic surgery into
eyes takes part as big issue with being one of the common cosmetic surgery in

            As we know, most of the Asian people
has some special features like slanting eyes and that’s why they can be
identified by their outlook. In that sense, their special features can result
in racism against Asian people. Rising up in Western country as an Asian girl
can manage her ideas about beauty. In most of advertisement about beauty, they
use models who are white and has ‘Western’ eyes. Like in other dimensions,
there are set phrases about beauty. For instance, being Asian means being out
of cheerleader team, as it was mentioned in the documentary. Moreover about the
beauty issue, that’s what Sharon was talking about by saying “difference
between what I look like and what I suppose to look like”. It’s kind of
requirement of being beauty and not being beauty is something that make people
feel ashamed in perspective of the modern world. Therefore, some of these Asian
girls who grown up in Western countries do not feel themselves happy due to
discrimination related to their view/beauty. On the other hand, this feature
represent of self for these people. Basically, it is who they are and they
should be proud of who they are. However, with this idea of modern and racist
beauty perception, they begin to feel ashamed because of their features. I
think it results in kind of assimilation over Asian girls. They want to get rid
of ‘Eastern’ eyes and have ‘Western’ eyes. But why? Because they want to seem
like more Western and, on the other hand, it is becoming less Eastern. In that
sense, I think they tend to lose their unique national identity.

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            This racism influences Asian girls
remarkably and we can see it in their words. As Maria said, they seem the
surgery as a need and they add that they just want to feel better. With their
Eastern eyes, they think they do not look beautiful because the Western idea of
beauty imposes in their point of view subconsciously. Also, Sharon used a
phrase in one of her sentence that make me addled. This phrase was ‘wrong
face’. Even your feature can be taken account as right-wrong categorisation.
This is what is seen from the surface but when you go down into deep side, it
turns into another dimension. Subconsciously, these people may think that being
Asian matches being wrong and it is an essential issue. We see that racism in
every sphere results in these kinds of negative outcome for individuals.

            Even in the beauty perception, there
is hierarchy and if there is hierarchy then it results in discrimination. Media
and, like shown in the documentary, movies or dramas sustain the Western
perception of beauty and, generally, the institutions of society. They impose
the idea that if something Western, then it is more beautiful. In this global
world, some of Asian minority in Canada find the easiest way to be like
Western. However, it is not that easy in reality. As it is shown in the documentary,
the cosmetic surgery into eyes is a serious surgery and also it must be painful
for the patient. Even though, it is a serious surgery, people like Maria still
wants to have the surgery because they want to feel better or happy, they want
to walk confidence in the street. Nevertheless, because of stereotypes about
beauty, they somehow become themselves out of the society; as Maria said
“automatically being out of the game”. There are many little things that force
them socially and also psychologically to have the surgery. Sometimes, we
cannot be aware of how these little things turn into a big problem/issue or we
cannot identify that things seem little to us are not always that little, but I
think the documentary shows us how it happens basically. Social, especially
ethnic, issues can result in strangely when we lose the control of balance
between races or when we cannot cope with the racism efficiently.