Agroindustry cultivate the insight of agribusiness and agroindustry

Agroindustry can be developed in a rural location and have a great opportunity. then need to be prioritized the growth of agroindustry that is able to capture the effect of the double high, both for the development of national and regional economic development in general, especially the development of the economy of the community of the countryside. A variety of opportunities that exist to cultivate the insight of agribusiness and agroindustry in this country, among others, include various aspects, such as: the strategic environment, demand, resources, and technology. For it all certainly not regardless how big the role of the private sector, especially banking as a source of capital in the construction of the agroindustry.The most important thing of agro-industry activity is the establishment of linkages between sectors of the economy which includes the agricultural sector, the trade sector and transport as well as other sectors that support (Soeharjo, 1996).d. Improve the quality of agricultural production which in turn can qualify to enter the overseas market.c. Increase the income of farmersb. Increase the added valuea. Increase employment in ruralAgro-industry as the prime mover of agricultural development, is expected to play an important role in the activities of national development. The role of is caused by because of agro-industry activities have economic benefits, in particular processing industry of agricultural products which is located in a rural location based on existing resources, namely ;The activities of the national development of Indonesia in general, and in particular the development of agriculture, have shown encouraging results. It can be observed from the role as well as farm and  non-farm sector, especially the sector of industrial processing of agricultural or agro-industry, services and trade continue to increase rapidly. With the increasing industrial sector processing agricultural products or agro-industry, services and trade, is expected to increase revenue to reduce poverty, and improve the provision of jobs.2.3   Improving National Development by Developing Agroindustry It can be concluded  that the agroindustry, innovation, and  infrastructure have a connection one with the other. And the combination of these can  help accelerate the development of the country.The government can’t let the farmers and entrepreneurs of agro-industry running its own. Innovation is not the only tool a driver of economic growth for the nation development. The issue of transport infrastructure, telecommunications facilities must be repaired. Ease of access to capital, fiscal stimulus, infrastructure and agro-industries are also very important.In the discussion of capital development of the national limits about the role of the agro industry sector in national development, especially development in the agricultural sector so that more people get to know and be able to develop the agroindustry sector.Sector agroindustry is currently received great attention from the public and  the government to be developed as a capital development that is expected to contribute to the implementation of the development.In fact, prospective agroindustry is very good to be developed in Indonesia, because the market and the potential are extraordinary. There are many regions in Indonesia that have a comparative advantage with a variety of natural wealth. Many excellent commodities in Indonesia. The commodity should be able to be optimized with the added value of innovation and technology.The livelihoods of  Indonesian  people are mostly farmers. However, in Indonesia itself has not been able to make the agricultural sector became the leading sector of the state. Many factors affect the growth and development of these. One alternative to this problem is the development of agroindustry.

2.2 The Relation
of  Agroindustry with Infrastructure and

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infrastructure has an important role in the order of human life and environment
because it is a mediator between economic and social systems. The condition is
that the harmonization of life is maintained in the sense that the
infrastructure is not lacking (impact on humans), but also not excessive
without taking into account the carrying capacity of the natural environment
because it will damage the nature and ultimately also affect humans and other
living things.

are physical facilities developed or required by public agencies for government
functions in water supply, electric power, waste disposal, transportation and
similar services to facilitate social and economic objectives. So
infrastructure is the physical system needed to meet basic human needs in the
social and economic sphere. (Kodoatie, 2005)

to KBBI, Infrastructure is an infrastructure.

Definition of Infrastructure

( is a new discovery different from existing or previously known
(ideas, methods, or tools) (KBBI). Innovation is a new discovery that is
different from existing or previously known. People or entrepreneurs who
innovate, then he can be said as an innovative entrepreneur. Innovation itself
aims to facilitate a job or provide benefits and other conveniences.

is the transformation of knowledge to new products, processes and services, the
act of using something new. (Sutarno, 2012)

is the activity of research, development, and/or engineering that aims to
develop the practical application of the values and context of science new
knowledge, or new ways to apply science and technology that already exist in
the product or production  process. (UU
Number 18 year 2002)

Definition of innovation

the industry at large is any human activity which is engaged in the field of
economy that has the productive nature and commercial in order to meet the
needs of his life. (Utoyo, 2009)

of the industry as narrow is all the economic activities performed by humans to
process raw materials into semi-finished materials or processing semi-finished
goods into goods that are actually so that it has a variety of uses that is
more for the benefit of man. (Utoyo, 2009)

on the etymology, the word “industry” is derived from the English “industry”
which comes from French language old-Fashioned “industrie” which means
“activity” which then comes from the Latin “industria” which means “craft,

is an economic activity that processes raw materials, materials raw materials,
semi-finished goods, or finished goods into goods with a higher value for its
use, including activities designed building and engineering industry. (UU
Number 5 Year 1984)

Definition of industry

Before we discuss relation, it will be more
easily understood, if previously we understand the definition of industry, innovation
and infrastructure. After knowing the definition of the word it will be easy we
understand to sub next chapter.

2.1 The Definition of Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure






The purpose of this paper is the
readers can know that the development of the agricultural industry for
infrastructure development in the countryside is very important. The construction
  industry agriculture must be a special
attention for the government.

of the paper

   4.      What are the views of Pancasila and citizenship on “Development Agroindustry to Improve National Development “?

3. How
to improve the National development by developing agroindustry?

2. What
is the relation of  agroindustry with
infrastructure and innovation?

1.  What is the
definition of the industry, innovation and infrastructure ?



To achieve the goals
of the nation, the government seeks to build the country’s economy in various
ways one of which is the sustainable agroindustry development. Indonesia is a
developing country. The main characteristic of developing countries is still
low-income and rested the sector of agriculture. To improve the competitiveness
of indonesian state with developed countries, the necessary innovations such as
the development of agricultural-based industries. Development would be better
done in rural areas so the economic level of the society be increased and in
the construction of the infrastructure of the village has become better.

At the present time,
Indonesia is actively implementing the construction of national one
infrastrukture. National development is a series of efforts for sustainable
development covering the entire life of the community, the nation and the state
to achieve national goals as mandated in the Preamble of the 1945 constitution,
Paragraph 4, namely to protect the whole Indonesian  nation and the entire country of Indonesia and
to advance the general welfare, the intellectual life of the nation and
participate implementing world order based on independence, eternal peace and
social justice