Aisha to manage the emotions and insecurities of

Aisha was scared, the planned wedding with Abdul wasnt the problem, she was scared of having kids and all the responsiblity that comes with it. It scares her, that someday, she’s going to be wholly responsible for the lives of some folks who will poo and pee and cry and play all day and demand stuff they never worked for. She’s scared she’s gonna do that job for some twenty years coming. And later still worry about how they turn out, whether they are single or married. Responsible or foolish. Straight or not. Godly or wayward. Happy or sad. Moulding their lives when she’s yet to figure out her own life and shit. She is to do all these for these guys for no reason whatsoever other than the fact that she slept with their dad in other to continue his lineage as every wife is expected to! She had to get married to Abdul and have those kids, it was what her family and the society expected of her as a woman…. Women dont really have a say in the world she belongs in….Thats life as we know it…Today we see feminist springing out from different places. Women want to have a say, the want to be acknowledged and seen as equals. The dont want to be seen as housewives anymore, the want to be free to choose whether to marry, whom to marry. Aisha in the story wanted to be free to make her own choices, she didn’t want kids, but will be forced to have them as expected of her by the society. The things African women go throughShout-out to the African woman for so many peculiar hurdles in life. For being a mature single and getting mocked for it. For being married and being expected at all times to manage the emotions and insecurities of the new family. For being expected not to marry just the man in question but his entire household, lunatics and sane minds alike. For taking the blame for siblings who fall out. For being the reason husbands fail. For perpetually having to walk on eggshells in a family of entitled relatives. For being expected to surpass humanity, shout out! Some things make you completely understand with the “angry feminist.”