Alcohol Adverts

Television is a powerful advertising medium as almost everyone has a TV. In this essay I will describe two different television advertisements for alcohol to compare and contrast the advertisers techniques, which are: persuasive language, connative images and music to appeal to consumers. The two adverts are: Budweiser and WKD.

The Budweiser advert is sat in a bar; the drink is a beer and has a woman and a man who portray the image of a one-night stand. WKD is a vodka drink and there are four male friends on holiday having fun, this portrays the image that WKD is a fun drink to drink. These adverts are clearly for people over eighteen therefore these adverts would be shown in the evening time when, parents are home from work and their children are in bed asleep.

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In the Budweiser advert it starts off with a young man and a young woman talking to each other, giving the audience the thought of a one-night stand. Whenever a sentence is said, the screen flashes with the word “false”, and when the can of Budweiser appears on the screen, the screen flashes with the word “true”. This gives the audience the thought that Budweiser is the only true drink to drink. This is also the slogan for this advert, this would give the target audience the thought that Budweiser is better than any other beers because it is the only true drink to buy. The music in this advert is club music, as this is set in a pub this music would be ideal.

In the WKD advert there are four male friends who are on holiday together, sitting on a beach with each other, one on a towel putting on suntan lotion and the others sitting on the beach in a row, when one says,” I love the smell of fresh pork in the mornings”. This would give the audience the initial thought of pork or that the guy is a roasted pig! Then later on in the advert another person asks ” would you all like a doughnut?” And all the others reply, “I’d love one”. At this point the other three men lift the man who was putting on suntan lotions towel, and throw him onto the sand, and they all yell in unison “Doughnut!”

In my opinion this advert portrays the image that WKD vodka is a fun drink to drink. The music in this advert is beach music so it fits in perfectly. The slogan is WKD vodka and a male voice laughing in the background wickedly. Other comparisons are that Budweiser is a beer and WKD is vodka. Budweiser is also sat across as a bar drink, whereas WKD is set across as something to drink ate home, on the beach, in a night club or somewhere fun. In this essay I feel that Budweiser advert would put a real picture in the audiences mind, as the slogan is that it is the best drink to drink. WKD is for a younger age group as it is set in a nightclub with clubbing music.