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Almost everyone knows that the three branches make up our government. Well do we actually need three branches of government or only need two branches of government. We might just need two branches of government which might be  executive and legislative.  These are the most prominent branches  because they have better checks than the judicial .  Without furthermore notice you should know some facts  about the three branches of government.   The three branches make up the federal government.  Each branch has different responsibilities and also each branch has is its  own power. Such as the legislative branch makes the laws. The executive branch enforces the laws. The judicial  branch interprets the laws. They also help other branches. The executive branch is made up of the  President,Vice President,the Cabinet, Executive Office, and a couple more people. It is headed by the president.  The legislative branch is made up of the Senate and the House of Representatives. The judicial branch consists of federal courts and the organizations that support them.  There is a system called checks and balances and it is used to keep the government from getting too powerful than the other branch.  Each branch of government has checks and balances on each branch this helps each branch stay the same.  The executive branch is headed by the President. The President carries out federal laws and commands new ones,directs national defense, foreign policy ,and performs ceremonial duties. A quote from Tom Rice is “Our Founding Fathers created the Executive Branch to implement and enforce laws written by Congress, and vested this power in the president”. This branch is powerful because the president has a lot power in this branch and one main power that the president is to veto. This very important because the president can reject a law. Even though the president can veto a law the congress can override a veto by a two-third vote from each  House and the Senate. Another veto is called a pocket veto.  This veto is the president has 10 days to review a measure passed by the Congress if the president does not do anything  in the 10 days the law gets passed. In addition the veto power gives power to the executive branch in the legislative branch.Another part of the executive branch is the Cabinet. It started in February 25,1793  The cabinet has a long history way back to George Washington. This also is powerful  because they are some of the most powerful people in the United States. They also have departments which they help running our country.  Such as Department of Defense. This provides the military defense.  Another department is Department of Education. This promotes national education and work to keep America competitive and make sure that education is available to everyone.  Like this there are 15 departments.  Also some of the president powers are treaty power,inherent powers, legislative power,delegated powers,and other specific powers. In addition, other specific powers means that the president has the power to call congress in a special session. The president has also the power to grant pardons for federal crimes. Also treaty power means that the president has the authority to negotiate treaties with other nations. Like this the president powers are only he’s not anyone else. This branch has a lot power in lawmaking process and and the president has power in general this is why this branch is powerful.The legislative branch is headed by congress. Their main task is to make laws.It is made up of two houses. The two house are called House of Representatives and the Senate. Both House and Senate were established in 1789. Some of the powers of the congress include declaring war, lay and collect taxes, and confirming presidential appointment. The upper house of the legislative branch is known as the Senate. They have exactly 100 senators.  Each senator is elected for a term of 6 years. To become a senator they must be 30 years and must be a living U.S citizen for at least 9 years. Also they must live in the state they represent. Some of the powers of the senate include ratifying treaties with foreign treaties, they try case of impeachment of federal officers that have been impeached by the house, censure,and more. In addition the treaty powers is the=–Senate can approve, by a two-third vote, treaties made by the executive branch. The senate can reject treaties to. They can also amend a treaty or adopt changes to a treaty.  Also censure means the Senate can punish it people if they do something bad.      The lower house of the legislative branch is known as the House of Representatives. There are 435 representatives in the house. Each representative is elected every two years. Number of representatives from each state is determined by population. To become a house of representative you must be at least 25 years old. In the house there includes speaker,majority and minor leader,and whips. The most significant role in the House is the speaker of the house. The speaker of the house appoints members of select and conference committees, presides over debate, and performs other duties. The majority and minority leaders  represent their respective parties on House floor. The whips assist in help leadership managing their party’s legislative program.Their main job is to vote on new laws along with the senate. Some other powers of the House include are all tax bills start here, only house can impeach certain high ranking federal officials such as the president or a supreme court justice, and decides who wins if no one wins a majority votes from electoral college. There was only once that the house elected their president. That was in 1824, when  the House elected John Quincy Adam as their 6th president even though he got less votes than Andrew Jackson. This was the only time that the House decided who was their president. Also the house so far has  impeached three presidents which include Bill Clinton, Andrew Johnson, and Richard Nixon.      However even though the legislative branch and the executive branch might be powerful the judicial branch can also come in handy too.