Amartya human life rather than the richness of

Amartya sen was born in 1933 in santiniketan in India he was
an economy professor at Harvard and you won the Nobel prize for his work in
welfare economics. He is recognised by most people work on human development
theory,Welfare economics ,gender inequality and political liberalism .Amartya
Sen Challenge the traditional way of economic thinking by consistently posing
the question what does it mean when a person or group is better off? The
answer  higher income per capita was not
sufficient for him instead he argued that people should be able to realise
their full capacity and have a state of substantive freedoms. These substantive
freedoms consist of political freedom and Civil Rights ,economic freedom,
social opportunities, transparency and protective security. He sees freedom as
the means and not the ends of development this means give freedom to the people
now and economic growth will result from that first step. Amartya Sen declares
that must balance values even though they might oppose each other .Sen says
that the ultimate goal of development is the realisation and maximisation of
these five substantive freedoms this means factors such as life expectancy
healthcare social and economic opportunities are the things that we should
value .Traditionally development was seen as just economic growth however there
are so many different aspects and all they should be measured a lot more
accurately. However Amartya Sen states that” human development as an approach,
is concerned with what I take to be the basic development idea. Namely
advancing the richness of human life rather than the richness of the economy in
which human being to live which is only a part of it.”.(Amartya sen 1998).

He believes that instead of development being defined as GDP
Growth, it should instead be defined as an increase in freedoms he made the
point that the country maybe healthy but not everyone in that country maybe
happy or people may be living in poverty.He believes the only way that humans
will progress and develop is through primary freedom” achieving development
only occur if people have freedom”(Ibbid, 2010). Amartya Sen has been a
consistent critic of using welfare GDP as a metric of a good outcome. He rejected
wealth,GDP,happiness and basic needs as the best standards for development .Amartya
sen came up with the capabilities approach which is choices that people have
which they are free to realise.

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Amartya Sen came up with components in which he assessed
capability in terms of development. These include a balance on materialistic
and non-materialistic factors in evaluating human welfare , individual
differences in the ability to transform resources into valuable activities,
concern for the distribution of ipportunities within the society and the
importance of real freedom in the assessment of a persons advantage. All of
these ideas had a huge impact on the UN human development index . This index captures
capabilities  in not only wealth but  life expectancy, adult Literacy education
,health ,gender inequality and these things judge how developed a country  is.

Amartya Sen Believe that the capabilities that he had were
not were Not conducive to all countries from his point of view it is something
that an individual country had to choose using a democratic process. This is
because each country has a different level of development and some countries
might need health gender equality of speech while others might need better
education systems more political freedom it all depends on the particular
country or region  .

Some of these freedoms include political freedom, social
opportunities ,transparency guarantees as well as protective security .” With
the help of freedom, Amartya Sen believes people take initiative and bring
about social change by helping themselves”(Sen,1999).

Amartya Sen Believe that in order for a country to continue
to develop it takes capability responsibility and opportunity according to him
this is what it takes to achieve development



Neoliberalism Is about the government and help you get
involved with the market and the state . It is an economic conservatism that
has a few things in common with liberalism. Neo Liberals believe that when she
get rid of the state and the markets begin to take over everything will fall
into place which means that society should be shaped by the freemarket and that
they economy should be due regulated and privatised .

Neoliberalism defined development by a countries monetary
value and it’s economic and social economic growth.Neo liberals Believe that a
lot of foreign aid is misused at international aid to poorer countries is often
very harmful because it undermines things like good governance and free markets
.bbawa Believe that Ade has caused some of the problems that have led to
undevelopment in poorer countries age makes things like corruption and economic
mismanagement worse rather than better international aid is often used to prop
up the corrupt government.


Neoliberals argue that the best possible way for
poorer countries to increase their share of international trade is and economy
protectionism and also to adopt the freetrade approach . This means that local
as well as foreign countries are treated the same and this involves trade
liberalisation which is government removing trade barriers that inhibit trade
across all borders . Trade liberalisation means that government treat local and
foreign products the same which involves the reduction or elimination of trade