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This assignment allows me to look at the different leisure facilities in my local area of Bishop’s Stortford and investigate into the different life stages, trends and different activities that take place in these places. A socio- economic group refers to the hierarchical distinctions (or stratification) between individuals or groups in societies or cultures. This basically means that there is a pecking order in society between different types of people and there are certain people that are more likely to do certain things than others because of reasons that could include financial reasons or domestic reasons.

There are 10 types of life stages that people can be in. A majority of people go through many of the different life stages throughout the period of their life. The life stages are all different and every person can be classified into a group because they cover every type of person. There are 10 main types of life stages and all people can be classified into a group and some into two. These groups are:Everyone is bachelor at some point in there life. This is from the time when an individual finishes school to the day that they get married if they choose to.

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A majority of bachelors will have quite a high disposable income because they are not likely to have a mortgage and unlikely to have a family of their own to look after and spend their money on. This is also the group where people are likely to have quite a lot of spare time so can get involved with extra curricular activities like sport. Newly married couples are likely to have good opportunities to visit clubs, pubs and restaurants because they are likely to be young and want to enjoy themselves and their new life with their partner.

A lot of them are also likely to play sport and get involved with extra curricular activities because they will not yet have a family of their own to look after. They might be young professionals with good earnings because they can afford to have a wedding and could be in socio- economic groups A or B but this could be the time where they want to save money and spend a lot less because they might be saving for a housing deposit or home furnishing. People that are classified in this group of life stage are people that are in a family of their own with at least one child that is under the age of 5 and doesn’t yet attend school.

It is likely that one of the parents will be at home looking after the child of children while the other is out working and earning money for the family. Spare time and money for people in the group may be short but weekend activities with the family can be enjoyable. The type of people that will be included in this group of life stages will be a family where their youngest child is over the age of 6 and attends school so therefore the parents have more time to either go to work or take part in leisure activities whilst their child is at school. Money may be a bit short.

Full Nest 3 is the group that people are classified in when they are a family and have children that are all over the age of 16 so they can technically look after themselves because they are no longer children. Adults in this group would have a lot more leisure time to partake in leisure activities of their choice. This group would include parents that have children who are grown up and are no longer living at home. They are likely to have a greater disposable income to spend on going out and doing more activities in their leisure time than they did when the children were living at home.

They might be too old to playa a majority of sports but there are still some they can play like golf. They are likely to want to go out for meals more often or to the theatre. Many people in this age group tend to take up golf. This group is where the parents are retired. It is likely that for the first five years or so after the retirement they are still active enough to participate in physical leisure activities like golf. They are likely to join clubs specifically for old people and they are still likely to benefit from different types of entertainment like watching sport on the television.

People within this group will be a former married person who is now on their own but they have not yet reached the retirement age yet. They might want to have company a lot of the time and enjoy family days out and coach trips to the seaside. This group is for people that have retired. How much they can do in ways of leisure activities will depend a lot on their physical fitness and their socio- economic group standing. They will have a lot of time on their hands to get involved with leisure activities so a lot of people in this group tend to play cards, golf and see old friends.