AquaRefining to more than 50 percent of

AquaRefining is a room temperature, water-based process that is in a general sense non-dirtying. It uses electroplating with persistent expulsion of lead empowering one module to deliver about 2.5 – 3 tons of pure lead every day.

Lead Acid batteries (LABs) are the concealed workhorses behind the robotization and zap of the planet. LABs are the biggest type of power stockpiling, making lead a $22 billion a year advertise. Lead has turned out to be more costly to mine, and the smelters required to refine are a contamination hazard. Water Metals simply brought $30 million up in its IPO to wind up noticeably an enormous disruptor in the reusing market, with an achievement innovation that makes it the cost and effectiveness pioneer.

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Water Metals created AquaRefiningTM, a particular electrochemical process that produces ultrapure lead from utilized lead-corrosive batteries in a naturally dependable way. The old reusing technique – refining – includes softening lead under extreme warmth, delivering harmful emanations. Nevertheless, AquaRefining expends less vitality and delivers no discharges. Water Metals intends to manufacture numerous business AquaRefineries, the first is under development close to Reno, Nevada.  

AquaRefining utilizes a completely reusable water-based innovation to create ingots of ultrapure lead. Through its own nearby examine, Aqua Metals has checked that the lead created in the AquaRefining module is more than 99.99 percent unadulterated. The Company will send its underlying creation tests to a few U.S. battery fabricating organizations—which by and large speak to more than 50 percent of U.S. battery creation—to enable them to lead their own particular tests.

Aqua Metals already exhibited the viability of its innovation at seat scale, pilot scale and with a solitary, full-estimate electrolyzer. The Company has now created great AquaRefined lead with a business scale AquaRefining module at its office in the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center in Nevada.

Aqua Metals makes AquaRefining modules at its home office in Alameda, California. The company has constructed and conveyed an aggregate of five modules to its Nevada AquaRefinery up to this point and as of now intends to introduce and commission a sum of 16 modules for starting generation limit of 80 metric huge amounts of lead every day. The Company foresees that the Nevada AquaRefinery will achieve its underlying generation limit inside the coming months.


Aqua Metals has shaped key associations with Interstate Batteries and Battery Systems International and is in discourses with almost every major U.S. based battery producer and recycler, and additionally server farm administrators and family web brands