As a student currently completing an undergraduate it is
important to have experience in a working environment to obtain a graduate job.
Work based learning “is about the individual learning that occurs predominantly
through work” (Mumford and Roodhouse, 2010, pg1). Work placements are vital for
individuals allowing them to progress on their employability and
entrepreneurial skills. Ultimately “creating a social setting and competency
framework” (Mumford and Roodhouse, 2010, pg1). As part of my placement learning
contract I will be developing on my transferable and critical thinking skills
as well as reviewing and evaluating approaches to planning and delivering

The benefits of work based learning are that, “these
learning opportunities can prepare you for a more flexible and varying future
of work where lifelong learning and continuing professional development will be
crucial” (ibid) “employers look for graduates/individuals who have put theory
into practice.” (The Higher Education Toolkit for
Coventry and Warwickshire, 2017). Gaining a lot of experience whilst
being at university will allow me to stand out from other graduates, showing employers
that I have managed to maintain high standards of professionalism as well as
balancing my studying. This has helped me develop a range of different skills
including interpersonal and time management skills which are necessary for an enterprising

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In order to facilitate the completion of this module, I
undertook a 72-hour placement. The placement I obtained is in a higher
education sector as a PAL Leader. The main duties for this role are to assist the
first-year students, allowing them to settle into University. This role requires
a lot of extra work, confidence and teamwork as I am working with a fellow
student. This meant that we have to meet up and plan sessions. I have to make resource
to help and meet the needs of students, asking them what they want to know and
planning according to the requests given. As part of this portfolio I will be
completing 3 sections which will be on employability, enterprise and
entrepreneurship. For each section an action plan, structured reflection and
self-assessment will also be completed.