Babies yet they are being punished.This does not

Babies are dying all over the world, because of this horrendous act that mothers are performing. This act goes by the name abortion. Some people think that it is an easy way to get out of the mistake they made. Some people have it there for their personal convenience and it is just for the mothers convenience, but not for the baby’s convenience. The babies did not do anything wrong and yet they are being punished.This does not seem right and the percentage is continuing to rise of annual abortions throughout the United States. Abortion is not acceptable, because abortion is murder, life begins at conception, and if women become pregnant they should take full responsibility for their actions. Abortion is murder and this despicable act is going on throughout the world without people understanding that they are taking the life of an innocent human being. The killing of an innocent human life is not acceptable and should not be tolerated. The baby has no say in whether he or she lives or dies. The baby has life and should not have their life taken from them by a choice that is beyond their control. A human life starts s when the egg is fertilized by the sperm which means that abortion is a violation of human rights ( “Arguments, Evidence, and Abortion Policy”). If the human has not been born it is still considered to have life by the U.S. government. “The Federal Unborn Victims Violence Act, which was enacted to protect unborn children from assault and murder states under federal law, that anybody intentionally killing or attempting to kill an unborn child should be punished for intentionally killing or attempting to kill a human being.The act also mentions that an unborn child is still a member of the species homosapiens”(“Should Abortion Be Legal?”). When an adult is murdered people do not comfort the the killer by telling them that it is acceptable and that you only took their future of value. When you take an unborn baby’s life you are robbing them of their future of value just like you are robbing a living adult of their future of value when they are murdered. An adult doesn’t have any more future of value than a fetus does. They have the same amount of a life full of worth ( Nationalreview) They will grow up to have the same amount of value. All human beings will always have the same amount of value to live and grow up and have the same opportunities. When you abort a baby you are murdering them in cold blood. You are taking away a life that could be lived to the fullest. When mothers make this decision they are only thinking of themselves and they are only thinking about how it will affect their life and not how it will affect the unborn baby’s life. It may be called an unborn baby but born or not does not change the worth of a person. When an abortion occurs the baby is in the womb and people think that it is acceptable to kill this human being by simply taking a pill to kill the baby or having an in-clinic abortion. Right after this baby comes out of the womb and someone sticks a knife in its chest they would get charged with first degree murder (“Ben Shapiro Destroys Abortion Argument”). If you kill a baby in the womb it is considered a human right, but right as the baby comes out of the womb it is considered a serious crime with severe punishment. There is no difference between considering it a human right when killing the baby inside the womb or killing the baby as it comes out of the womb. The baby’s rights are just as important as the mothers rights. The killing of these babies sends a message that it is acceptable to murder these innocent human beings. It also sends that they have little to zero value. This allows our minds to think that human life is disposable and that they can get rid of it if it is simply inconvenient for us. Transition and analysis. Life begins at conception, which means that when the egg is fertilized by the sperm you have created a human. Many people do not understand that this is the time when life begins. The last week that you can have an abortion is at the 16th week. At this week the baby is pumping around 25 quarts of blood a day, bone marrow is forming, and the baby will be 8-10 inches and way close to half a pound. This human now has its very own genetic identity that will not be changed throughout its life. This human has its very own individual right to live. This precious life should be protected. (procon) The taking away of this baby’s life is a violation of human rights. Many people believe that aborting a baby before it is a born is just getting rid of a cluster of cells, but when you are aborting a baby you are not just aborting a cluster of cells that fetus has life and has had life since conception. Just at day 22 the child’s heart is beating and pumping their very own blood.(destroys abortion). When fertilization occurs a human being with its very own individuality with its own blood type and distinct features begins to surface. This baby is now a member of the well known species of Homo Sapiens. Now, all this baby needs is the formal environment to grow and develop and gain the opportunity to live a life. Once, the sperm fertilizes the egg a human life has been created. On day one the chromosomes are present and a unique individual is formed.  A fetus is never just a cluster of cells. Those cells are alive and contain specific genetic information for a human being. There is no point in gestation that the fetus is not considered a human. Transition and analysis. If women get pregnant they should take full responsibility and not participate in unnecessary actions. There are many ways to prevent pregnancy. They include, the use of condoms, birth control, or something as simple as abstinence. People know that they are at risk of getting pregnant when they have unprotected sexual intercourse. There is always that possibility of getting pregnant when you do not use the necessary precautions. They need to accept and understand the consequences that come with this action. The baby should in no way be punished for a mistake that had nothing to do with them. The adults made the mistake and they should accept it. They knew the risks and they went ahead and did it and now they have to live with that and be more prepared next time. A pregnancy is not all about the mother and what it does to her. What about the effects it has on the baby. It is about both the baby and the mother. The mother has to think about her baby and not just focus on herself. She needs to think about all that she did to get to this point and understand that it is not the baby’s fault. It is unethical to murder a baby simply for convenience. The mothers are showing that they are using abortion as a contraceptive method. They were using it in place of birth control or other protection from getting pregnant(procon). The mother thinks about all the stress it will have on their person body and how it will affect their life, but it all could have been prevented if they would have used the necessary precautions that are there specifically for this reason. They are there to prevent things, such as people getting pregnant when they are not ready. People are to the point where they do not care, because they know that they can always fall back on abortion, but they need to start owning up to their mistakes and taking full responsibility for their actions. It is nobody else’s fault besides their own and they need to realize that. When the mother does not use protection then it leaves her the duty of caring for that fetus. The big decision to abort a baby does not involve just one body but two, the baby and the mother. When a woman says it is her body so it is her choice she is completely ignoring the facts of medical science and the facts of life.  (Heres how to stop) Many people argue that abortion is not murder and that a pregnancy is not viable up until the 24 week mark. The last week that you can get an abortion is the 20 week mark. The pro-choice community believes that embryos and fetuses are not independent beings, so an abortion is the termination or a pregnancy not a baby. (procon) This being said, if a human being is in a comma or dependent on a pacemaker to run their heart can they kill that human being?  That human is not independent they need those resources to help them survive. That human needs machines to keep them alive and a baby needs a human body to keep them alive, so they can grow and develop. There is no difference between the two, so abortion is murder of a human being not just an embryo.