? with red iron. Effects of using makeup.

? Women always tried to improve their own beauty even before time, people wear accessories made of shells and wear pendants made of bone or irony. People cared more of their appearance in later 16th century. Cosmetics have forms of civilizations. Cosmetics are use in all history than can show society practical concern, such as protection from the sun class system or the conventions of beauty. Cosmetic are necessary in part of Egyptian hygiene and health. They use oil and cream for protection against the sun and dry winds. The Chinese and Japanese use rice powder to whiten their faces. Grecian covers their skin with chalk to whiten their faces and a fashion crude lipstick made by ochre clays lace with red iron. Effects of using makeup. Uses of Makeup Makeup serves a variety of reasons or used It makes one feel gorgeous and can help to those who suffer from hyper pigmentation to even out their skin tone color. Makeup can help absorb excess facial oils. Facial makeup products that use to highlight the facial features. It can directly alter or add color that serves skin even smooth. Tends in make-upThe Social Media Website tracks every makeup trends, using the information to keep the trend in the future. Social Media used to reveal the 100 pinterest list and insight into 10 beauty trends this 2018.-Every season has a new trend beauty.Understanding the word Confidence? Confidence is described as a belief in one’s ability to succeed. Self Confidence defines as an individual expectation of performance and self evaluation of abilities and prior performances. It trusts in his or her abilities, capacities that can he or she can successfully face the challenges day to day.  It brings about more happiness When you are confident in your ability you are happier and the mire energized and motivated you are the more you achieve your goals. Ways on how to gain confidentPeople are admire by others and inspire confidence in others. They face their fears head on and tend to take risk. There is where posture, smiling and eye contact are slowly come into play. Smiling will make other people comfortable around you. Give yourself a little extra mile and dress nicely. It will not only make you feel better but other people will like perceive you as a self confident as well.Wearing makeup into wear self confidence. Spent a little time putting some makeup on your face if you are felling low. Wearing makeup can feel more positive, According to the new study, wearing makeup set out to boost in your self esteem. This findings has a new understanding into ways in building self confidence through using makeup.Reason why women wear makeupCosmetics or makeup is not a new invention. Men and women wore makeup in ancient cultures. Some women can’t imagine without wearing makeup. Many women feel more confident going to work, school with at least some makeup on. Women, who are past a certain age, rely on cosmetics to make or to look younger. To those who have complexion issues, makeup can hide problem areas. Concealer cover the dark under eye circle or blemishes, foundation can smooth your skin. Makeup is great for creating a smooth and perfect skin.  Opinions on how to get confidence using makeupWearing makeup has helped women feel more beautiful. women use to see herself and look good when they don?t feel it into themselves. Wearing makeup can boost confidence and it makes women look pretty and enhances your features.