Before he is eager to add more to

Before working with us, Siddharth didn’t have any prior
experience in Product Manager Role. Whatever he learned here was from practice
and dedication, without any theoretical knowledge. At different occasions, he
had to deep research for his understanding to reach at some strategic decision
for the benefit of the company. This lack of bookish knowledge inspired him to
read more about the product innovation, different strategies and about the
present market. He has very high learning capacity and he is eager to add more
to his talents. I believe that the graduate study will only help him to groom
his leadership and management skills and will make him capable of achieving any
goal that he want to pursue in his life.

Siddharth is a brilliant team player I would definitely want
to work with him in future. He as keen analytical skills and a strong passion
for his work. He quickly adapts to difficult situations, and shown a capacity
for problem solving and ability to think on his feet. Although he is quite young
for the role he performs, he is mature, dependable and has strong technical and
interpersonal skills that push forward the team he works in. He has built a
strong culture in the team and helped everyone work effectively together.

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Siddharth was always an entrepreneur by heart and during all
the time in which I worked with him, he used to talk with me about his
ambitions. When he said to me that he wanted to pursue MBA and open his own
firm later, I wasn’t surprised. I see that he has tremendous potential as an
entrepreneur. I believe now is the perfect time to take a pause in his career
and gain the necessary theoretical knowledge. He seeks an MBA degree to propel
himself to the next phase of his career and I believe this ambition is noteworthy.
He will be an enormous asset to his future classmates and if he is admitted to
this program I can assure that your class has one of the best talent that our
country can provide.

I look forward for his success and support his wish to enact
his goals.