Charles of the Victorian Era and the

Charles Dickens was born on the 7th of February 1812 in a place called Landport in Portsmouth, and he died on the 9th June 1870 at the age of 58. At his time he was one of the most popular authors of the Victorian Era and the most successful too. In his lifetime, he wrote books like Oliver Twist and The Christmas carol to make the rich people of England aware of the cruel and cold life the poor had to suffer. When Dickens wrote a Christmas Carol he wrote it to try and make the rich more charitable.

At that time, he and his family were planning on going to a grand tour of Europe, which was coming up, and so he was in need of making money quick, so he wrote this novella, it was priced at about 5 shillings, which is roughly equivalent to i?? 45 and targeted at the wealthier readers mainly adults. The novella became a huge success for Dickens and it still is extremely well known globally. Ever since then, the media has tried to change the target audience so that it can be more of a family or children’s story rather than an adult’s book.

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A Christmas Carol is basically about a cold- hearted, old business man, Ebenezer Scrooge, who dedicated the rest of his life to his business who’s decision meant loosing everything he had once loved, when one day his dead business partner, now a ghost came to warn him about the life he will be suffering after death, from then he is visited by the 3 ghosts of his Christmas past, present and future to try and convert him into a better person, by mainly reminding him of the people he had once loved such as his sister, Belle and Fizziwigg.

The outcome for this is that the ghosts succeed by converting scrooge from bad to good and he is no longer destined to the afterlife his former business partner is suffering. The language used in the novella can be some form of evidence that the book was not initially written for the younger age group. Dickens used a high standard of vocabulary, which shows it was for the minority, educated population of England. In the novella he describes the scenes and characters in a very wordy way, for example how his long description of Jacob Marley “scrooge and him were partners for I don’t know many years.

Scrooge was his sole-executor, his sole administrator, his sole assign, his sole residuary legatee… “this continues for another page starting from the opening paragraph to only clarify to the reader that Marley was dead. Also his vocabulary also shows the initial audience targeted. “The clerk in the tank involuntarily applauded: becoming immediately sensible of the impropriety he poked the fire and extinguished the last frail spark for ever. ” Again, being very wordy to describe the clerk only blowing the fire. The characters in the novella are mostly appealed to the older age group and not for children.

For example, the character of Scrooge is a character that a lot of wealthy people can relate to in the sense of which they can be uncharitable and selfish like he was. Bob Crachit has a sympathetic character, a bit too pitiful for children. Characters like the ghost of Christmas yet to come and the ghost of Jacob Marley are also for a much mature audience and what makes the novella most suitable for adult readers is how he Dickens combines the two themes, life and death together in order to bring the add a gothic twist to the story.

But on the other hand, characters like the ghosts of Christmas past and present and tiny Tim are characters which a younger audience may have interest in. in the story there is also themes such as misery and happiness ; rich and poor, so by judging the story on its themes and characters, there is definitely something for most age groups and audiences present.