Blue is as soft as a pillow,

Blue Bay Beach is one
of the best places which shall remain etched in the minds of the people. If
there is such a thing as a heaven on earth, it would be here. The
sand is as soft as a pillow,
golden brown,
sinking under the weight of my feet. A strange, squeaky sound from the sand accompanied each step I take.

Turning back and looking at the trail of the footprints which people are leaving

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                 The sea is glittering blue and the gleaming
rays of sunlight. The waves crashing on the beach and a roaring sound echoing around the beach.

White capped waves gaily rush towards
me and then were unwillingly dragged back to the big white ocean. The sun falling into
the skyline, streaked
colors of orange-red and purple onto that dark blue canvas. The salty ocean scent floating
in the wind. Walking down the beach, there is a campfire. The fire is burning as brightly as the sun
rays. Majestic flames grabbed for the sky. Sitting down in the circle of
people. A warm feeling lingering in the air. Shutting my eyes and deciding to
activate my other senses. A
tuneful voice, in a perfect pitch, was singing to the accompaniment of an
acoustic guitar. A happy
chattering was heard and the stories are being told around a colossal
heap of burning sticks.

            Silently walking away from the crowd. In
the distance, the chattering slowly vanishing away. I am alone and now
surrounded in the shadows of deep darkness. Sitting down on the soft sand and twist
my toes every little while, a little wave gathering courage and creeping up to
my toes, giving a little splash and run back to hide. There is no disturbances
and no interferences. My thoughts were simple and all my feelings are calm. In
the stillness of the serine night. I started reflecting on the person I am and
what I grew to be. I decided to wonder about my purpose in life, my values and
everything I have ever worked for.

                                                                                                 The trees form
contour against the darkness and give a shadowy presence around me. The bright blue sky seemed to be infinite,
for ever going on. Surrounded by such big things made me realize how small I actually
am. To think that the amazing creator of all these actually loved me and knew
me by name. The lyrics of the song “Who am I “by casting crowns creped into
the back of my mind.       

                                                                                      The moon, not covered
by the clouds, was a round beaming
big ball. It gives me a sense of security, that it will always be
there for me. Through joy and pain, even when I am not looking for it or if I
don’t see it,
it will always be there. I found it to be like my dreams. Dreams seemed so
close that I felt like if I reached up, it would soon be in the palms of my
hand, and yet so far that no matter how much efforts I put in to grasp it, I

Then again, started living in a dream. Life itself is actually a dream in
itself that we will one day wake up from into perpetuity of reality. The cheeky
small shinning stars, twinkling in the dark black
sky, seemed to be making fun of my childish dreams and imaginations. The
cold breeze brushed
against my cheeks, leaving a soft tickling feeling. Feeling amazed by the
awesome beauty of nature that is surrounded me. I am spell bound that it was all
designed and created by a single person.

            Taking the sand in my hand and watching them
slip through my fingers; it felt like the time is running. A longing out pouring
de ep within me felt urged to stay there forever, a place so close to all my
dreams. Smiling and satisfying, a feeling that did not have in a long time. The
emptiness that once submerges me is now filled with an overflowing spring of  joy and happiness. Time flew and before we
knew it, it is time to go home. It seems the pressure of
the ticking of time did not apply to this incredible place. Knew that in a
little while, I will have to go back to my world of mundane, routine life, rushing
people with a schedule filled with endless tasks to complete. Taking a deep breath and closed my
eyes, a smile on the corners of my lips. For this moment, this is my happiest
place visited ever in my life, my heaven and my world.