Book the representatives, characterized by a high-style of

Book Review Charles Dew’s Apostles of Disunion


The book reveals that discourses of state representatives
addressed a clear bias toward whites and major justifications for secession and
reveals that the discourses were the cause of the civil war between the north
and the south in 1860 – 1861. Charles Dew said that the discourses and speeches
of the representatives, characterized by a high-style of writing, led to
secession and were the best proof that they were pushing the lower south to
civil war. Dew’s book discusses the problem of secession that caused the civil
war through analysis and persistence by producing convincing arguments that
confirm the causes of the conflict and prove that the factors leading to the
civil war were caused by slavery and race. The author tries to show the facts
with convincing arguments about the beginning of the civil war in the United
States, between 1860 -1861, by directing analysts and politicians to know the
truth behind the cause of the war through the letters that were sent by the representatives
of the state.

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The author wrote this book because he wants all
citizens regardless of their origin, north or south, white or black, to realize
the dangers of going into civil war and that war only brings destruction to the
cultures of all involved. The author emphasizes the necessity of solidarity and
cohesion among the members of the state in all their affiliations and assets so
that they are able to build a state which consists of the most important
objective, which is the application of ethnic justice among individuals and
respect for human dignity.

The book details the motives and the reasons
for secession, as well as the formation of the Confederacy by focusing on the speeches
made by the state commissioners. These speeches were one of the reasons for the
separation of the Southern states from the Union.

of the speeches shows how the white man is the ruler and the black man is not
entitled to rule because he was considered as an ignorant Negro, part of a barbarian
race and inferior, thus not qualified to rule the country. As a result, the South
becomes more polarized and intolerant as there is no equality between the white
and the black politically, civilly, or socially. Thus, the speech focused on
the racism and servitude adopted by commissioners in all regions of the South
from 1860 to 1861.