But or physics. In fact, experiments have shown

But what makes it so hard to put down?

Take for example a racing game. The faster you are finishing one lap, you are achieving small goals and causing your brain to release a little burst of dopamine. And you are rewarded in the game with new and better cars. And this novelty also gives little bursts of dopamine and together becomes what is known as the compulsion loop. Which is also the same loop that is responsible for the behavior associated with doing nicotine and cocaine. We are never alone on the internet, social media, the constant feed of information so we never have to be bored, so Compulsion loops can also be found in apps on our phone. They are designed to constantly provide new content, and making them especially hard to put down.

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The phone is changing your brain too.

There are two types of brain patterns: Alpha waves and gamma waves.

Alpha waves often connect to relaxation and associated with focusing ability.

Gamma wave often connects to conscious attentiveness, like doing math or physics.

In fact, experiments have shown that when a cell phone is transmitting, like during a phone call, the power of alpha waves is significantly boosted, means that phone transmission can literally change your brain.

Since we use our phone so much, what does learning matter if all of the information in the world is just a Google search away? Well if that’s the way you are using your mind, just kind of searching very quickly and finding information and then forgetting it very quickly, you are never building knowledge. You are simply thinking like a computer. Which means that the humanity is at stake, and it would be a shame if everyone is assimilated. If you look at the great monuments of culture, they come from people who are able to pay attention, who control their mind. And that’s what makes our mind to think more critically, and in a creative way. 

So, overall. Phones are great in many way, and extremely useful when you need to check something online. But, many successful businessmen would take a smart phone vacation in order to increase productivity. So guys, try to take one day off from your phone and you will see the differences. Thanks for listening.