By meetings where participants are unprepared, staff veer

 By shadowing Marie
for three weeks, I have noticed that how organized she is and how much she
dislikes meetings where participants are unprepared, staff veer off-track, and
the items discussed waste of the staff’s time. When these things happen in a
meeting, she said are due to a poor agenda design and poor management. In
contrary, she engages her staff in meetings by collecting items that reflect
their needs. In order to do that, she makes the agenda available to everyone
all the time and the staff uses it to enter the items along with motives why
these items need to be discussed in a staff meeting.

Also, this week was the last week with Marie and I would
like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed shadowing Marie. Foremost, I expressed to
her my gratitude for taking the time out of her busy schedule to mentor and
teaching me how to be an effective manager using some of her managerial skills
that I need to thrive for. I feel that after shadowing Marie, I accomplished
and developed skills that I could not obtain from school courses. And as my
practicum winds down, it is helpful to think back to the valuable experience
that I gained and the new skills that I learned during my time with Marie.
First, I learned from her how to prepare an agenda for effective meetings.
Second, I have noticed how Marie, as an engaging speaker, listens and
communicates excellently with her team as well as with other managers and
personnel in the center and I would like to identify myself with her and follow
in her footsteps. She believes that communication between people produce better
understanding and solutions to issue and I totally agree with her. Third, just
by observing how she does her work, how she interacts with her staff and other
personnel, and how she copes with real problems and situations help me to
mirror myself in the manager position evaluating if I would do the same.

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In conclusion, my three weeks with Marie went by quickly and
I found the practicum experience worthwhile and outstanding. Marie was an
amazing trainer and I am glad that I got a chance to shadow her, learned from
her, and allowed me to absorb her managerial style and approaches. Having this
practicum has been a great managerial experience and I think is also a great
opportunity for college students to provide a great picture of the “real world”
manager position. 


Forth, Stacey invited me to attend a staff meeting,
interdepartmental meeting and a one-on-one meeting. Ahead of time, I prepared
to ask some questions and one of them was: what are the basic skills that I
need to acquire for an entry-level management position?

        First, Stacey
taught me that for an entry level manager I need to develop the basic skills
such as the ability to manage the meetings, ability to delegate, and aptitude
to engage the staff, in addition to other skills such as hiring staff and
departmental budgeting. If a manager fails to complete these goals, he/she
might be considered a poor manager. Furthermore, while Stacey does not have
projects for me where I can be involved due to the strict clinical job
responsibilities as a dosimetrist, she said that through shadowing,
interaction, and collaboration with managers and other personnel in the center,
I can gain basic managerial knowledge through their shared experiences and

         Moreover, she
believes that by observing and learning skills from the shadowing managers, I
can create my own management style and develop my own toolkit. Over time, I
will find what fits my personality and job role and learn more lessons that
could specifically be applied to my own leadership style. For instance, she
gave me one of her own management requirements for her department.  Due to the nature of the job responsibility
that her staff needs to fulfill as a dosimetrist, she asks her team to double
check their work always. Not only will it give them peace of mind that everything
is in place, it also leads to a culture where they perform at their best. She
further said that the observed knowledge is the first step in acquiring new
managerial skills. Thus, what I learned from the one-one-meeting with Stacey is
that as a practicum student I may comprehend how the managers solve problems
and conduct themselves and how they practice their managerial skills by
shadowing and following them.

I attended the staff and interdepartmental meetings which are very important
for dosimetrist departments. The staff meeting gives everyone opportunities to
hear the same message as well as to give everyone opportunity to participate in
addition to keep everyone up-to-date with the events and news of the
organization. Stacey also asks the staff members to rotate their
responsibilities for taking the minutes of the meeting.  Moreover, the interdepartmental meetings are
necessary for radiation oncology because both the physicist and dosimetrist
work together to create a treatment plan by implementing the precise radiation
dosages to particular cancer prescribed by the physician and strong
communication is very crucial.  And
because of the dosimetrist work under the supervision of the medical physicist
and radiation oncologist physician, these meetings are critical for ensuring
that the patient is properly immobilized and planned throughout the course of
proton radiation therapy treatments. While this meeting was too advanced for me
in regard to the items that were discussed, I am happy I had this unique
opportunity to get valuable experience in environments that are unfamiliar to

conclusion, while shadowing multiple managers, I noticed a different type of
work environment, various range of competencies besides professionals’ skills,
and I also learned that communications skills, staff skills, teamwork, and
professionals’ standards are needed and valued across the departments within
the organization. Overall, I feel that practicum experience provides learning
benefits that enhance soft skills that could not be acquired through college
courses and also helps me to feel less intimidated and build