Central would be a big regret if you

Central Highland Vietnam travel – Conquering Top 5 Must-see Destinations

Attracting millions of
travelers each year, Central Highland Vietnam is undoubtedly a great tourist
destination for those wishing to discover the majestic beauty of mountains.
Read on to see the top destinations for your Central Highland Vietnam travel.

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Along with Sapa and Ha Giang in
the North, Central Highland in the Middle is regarded as one of the most
favored tourist attractions in Vietnam. If you are a mountain-lover, it would
be a big regret if you travel to Vietnam
but do not pay a visit to this beautiful region. Not only famous for its
high-valued cultures, Central Highland
Vietnam attracts travelers by the wild of mountains and elephants. Especially,
taking a deeper discovery into the jungle, tourists will be amazed by its
stunning beauty with different kinds of flowers and trees as well as the
marvelous waterfalls and rivers.

The mountains seem to dominate
the horizon whatever directions we look. They look like huge green dinosaurs
laying down for a nap and never waking up. But do not worry, a lot of romantic places
are waiting for us to conquer.

Dalat – “a little Paris” of

As a small city to the south of
Central Highland, Dalat is one of the most favored tourist attractions in
Vietnam. Going by many lovely names
like “a little Paris” of Vietnam, the city of Love or the city of External
Spring, Dalat has a cold climate which is exceptionally suitable for tourism.
With many attractions such as Xuan Huong Lake, Crazy House, Valley of Love, and
huge pine forests, Dalat possesses a poetic scenery which would make tourists
love immediately and create an ideal atmosphere for couples loving at first
sight as well. Also, the flower festival with thousands of brilliantly-colored
flowers in December will make the city even more attractive and romantic – that
is also one of the best time to pay a visit to Dalat.


The beauty of “Pleiku eyes” – Bi?n
H? (T’N?ng Lake)

“Pleiku eyes” is the poetic name
of Bi?n H? (T’N?ng Lake), one of the most beautiful and romantic lakes formed
from a large volcanic crater in Central Highland. That’s why people regard Bi?n
H? as the eyes of Gia Lai peopl in general and Pleiku peopl’s eyes in
particular. Standing on the shore and looking away, the vast blue of sea water,
the sea breeze together with the wind from forests will give visitors a very
strange and different feeling.  And also
riding through jungles is great experience to discover the mysterious beauty in
Pleiku eyes.


Wild M?ng ?en

M?ng ?en attracts visitors with
pristine forests, many lakes and waterfalls. Located at the height of 1,100 –
1,400m above sea level, the climate here is so cool, fresh that is suitable for
someone trying to avoid hot summer. Like Da Lat, coming to Mang Den, you can
enjoy many villas hidden in the green pine forest and the smell of pine resin. All
the bird chirping, cool climate, wild and majestic mountains, along with the
peace make it understandable when Mang Den is favored by tourists and called “Da
Lat of Kon Tum”.


 Tà ?ùng Lake – Halong Bay of Central Highland Vietnam

Ta Dung is a valley of Ta Dung
mountain in Dak Som commune, Dak G’long district, Dak Nong province. As a face
of the blue mirror which is prominent in the mountains of the wild Central
Highland, this place makes many visitors immersed in the arrival and call it as
“Halong Bay of the Central Highland”.

Coming to Tà ?ùng, people seem to
forget all the sadness or sorrow to be deep into the nature with grasses, trees
and flowers – they just concentrate on the journey to explore nature without


Lak Lake

As the largest natural lake in Dak Lak province, Lak Lake
attracts visitors with its wild atmosphere and impressive beauty. The villages
of the M’Nong ethnic people living around the lake will also provide you with a
unique cultural experience. But most impressively, Lak Lake is an ideal place
for you to enjoy relaxing activities such as sailing around the lake, watching
Gongs in Tay Nguyen, swimming, diving and especially admiring the sunrise and
sunset with your lovers, or just simply enjoying a hot coffee and waiting for
your future wife or husband.

High-valued cultures are also
Central Highland’s identity. The ethnic minority groups here still well remain
their traditional lifestyle as well as cultural activities and festivals or
ceremonies. The houses on stilts, heroic epics and the Space of Gong are what
appear on our minds when talking about this mysterious and heroic land. Especially,
the traditional music of the ethnic people, with unique musical instruments
like T’rung and Klong Put, is such a hit of Central Highlands in particular and
Vietnam culture in general with tourists. Also when coming to this diversified and
unique cultural land, we can Gong Culture, a UNESCO Intangible Cultural
Heritage and a pride of Vietnam culture in the world.

Naturally blessed with amazing
mountainous landscapes as well as charming and distinctive cultural identity, Central Highland Vietnam is such a
great choice for highland discovery. Let’s enjoy it and have memorable moments
in this peaceful land.