Chamelacium work methods no special effort or infrastructure

Uncinatum is also known as Wax flowers originates in west Australia and
includes more than 20 species. Wax flowers is the most commercial and leading
export flower. Wax flower is mainly used as bouquet filler due to their high
productivity and long life. In Israel, wax flowers have been cultivating
since 1971.In Israel there is 200 hectares of Wax flower cultivars grown in
open field. Israel is the major supplier of wax flowers to the Dutch flower
markets. The cultivating processes of Wax flowers requires large numbers of
workers involved in the various operations such as bottlenecks that affect
costs and working efficiency. Work efficiency improvement is highly important
due to the high dependency and unstable availability of manpower.  The research was performed during the years
2005 –  2006, the main aim of these
research is to increase crop productivity and quality by implementing optimal
branch cutting methodology to maximize total revenue. The research is conducted
in two modern farms in the southern part of Israel.  The farms consist of 7 and 13 hectares of different
species of Wax flowers in open fields. On each farm, work studies and time estimations
were performed in the different stages of sorting and packaging, and an optimal
brunch cutting methodology was developed. The results of these research demonstrate
that the sorting station yield was 1781-2113 flowers per hour depending on the
cultivators. An alternative packing method is developed and test. According to this
method, all branches were cut into four different lengths of 50, 60,70 and 80cm
and cut to their final length automatically by the machine. By comparing current
methodology and alternative methodology. The average time it took to sort a
stem according to the alternative methodology was 15% shorter than current
methodology. To Implement alternative work methods no special effort or infrastructure
is required, therefore we can implemented immediately with no extra investment