Child then they will struggle to get back

Child abuse is a horrible way of treating your children. It doesn’t only have to be your children it can be other kids as well. Just as well as gerald and angel were in forged by fire. They were abused by their parents monique and jordan. Monique would abuse abuse him by doing drugs around him slapping him and burning his hand with a lighter. Jordan abused angel by physically abusing her with his hands and maybe his feet and also threatening her. “In 2013, Ohio had 166,583 total referrals for child abuse and neglect. Of those, 80,472 reports were referred for investigation.” That is a lot of kids abused by people that are older than them. We need to lower that amount of people abusing children. How about we drop it to 0 for all of our children can feel protected by their elders not scared of them. Matter of fact why don’t we not just drop it down to 0 in ohio how about all of the world. You wouldn’t want your little girl/boy running away on you or getting taken away from you would you? So stop Child Abuse.What is child endangerment? Well child endangerment is when you leave your child in danger or in a state of crisis such as a house robbery or leaving them at the mall with grown people. Those 2 things are examples what child endangerment is. The signs of child endangerment is when you are in failure to thrive also another one is getting lower grades in school can put them in child endangerment. That can put them in child endangerment because if they fail then they will struggle to get back up in the ranks of grade and probably can find themselves on the streets.There are different types of abuse are domestic abuse and verbal abuse and physical abuse. Domestic abuse is when you’re harassing them or to make the explanation easier it’s when are hitting them and annoying them (sort of). Verbal abuse is when you’re verbally harassing them. Then finally last but not least is physical abuse, it is where your are hitting them and kicking them and physically hurting them. Those three examples are the different types of child abuse in the world unless there are more ways of child abuse. After the child is abused he/she will probably be scared of you you know what they are going to be scared of you because you are hurting you. You don’t want to give your child a first look at you at abusing another child. They want to look up to you as a role model not an abuser so please stop child abuse. Stop child abuse right now people it is not good for you or the children.