Children leave the kids and they don’t see

Children without parents… a very sad topic. No one, including children, deserves to be by themselves. Lonely, cold, scared, depressed, is what all these kids feel.Luckily we have many places who take care of the children whose parents can’t.Such as, foster homes, and adoption centers.The foster home is when a foster parent takes care of you but it is temporary.An adoption center is when other people sign up so they can adopt a kid.I think both of these places are great ideas.I also feel that we should do more of these things.          The systems are successful in so much ways.The first way, is how these kids who don’t have parents get taken care of.The other way is how the parents who adopt the kid usually have an amazing time taking care of their kid or kids.That is how they are successful.There are over 14,000 kids living in the foster care, which is very sad.That means that over 14,000 kids in Ohio do not have parents.14,000 is a very big number and that number is decreasing every year.        Children end up in foster cares for many reasons.Well the general reason is because they do not have parents.Then there are many things why their parents leave them.Sometimes the parents just disown them, or they die.The parents also sometimes leave the kids and they don’t see them again. That is why kids get put into foster home.The state removes parents from their children sometimes because when the parents are irresponsible and they drink around their children.Sometimes they even beat the children, which is a very bad thing to do.       There are 400,000 kids in a foster care.300,000 kids get adopted but the other 100,000 are still waiting to get adopted.The adoptions work and the kids are very happy with their new parents since they did not have them before.In order to adopt a kid or kids is a step by step process.First., you need to put in hard work and be educated.The second step is, to contact their local children service agency and inform the agency of their interest.The agency will then begin the licensing process with the family. Then, you have to attend the required Pre-Service training.After that, you have to fill out an application and complete a home study.Next, you have to select the child and you can discuss about the characteristics.Finally, then the social worker will aid your family and the child through any adjustment period.          Kids without parents should be stopped very soon.We should all have parents and no one should feel left out. No one also should feel left out, scared and lonely.I really like how we have foster homes and adoption centers.Hopefully the number of kids who get adopted will raise year by year.