Class-Dominated media (manipulation) this view is known as

  Class-Dominated Theory     Sociologist like Max Weber describes power as the ability to achieve goals without the support of the society. There are three different power models the Marxist model, the Power elite model and the Pluralist model. The Marxist say that the media is controlled by ruling upper class (the owners of the media) by owning the media it gives the controller power over what they want to put on the media (manipulation) this view is known as the instrumentalist. Marxist believed that the elite class are part of capitalism and use their money and power to create more wealth and power. The mass population use labor to make a living while the elite class uses the mass population to gain more wealth and make a profit over them. Marxist sociologists like Milton Mankoff and Laureen Snider say that the means of production control the power, another belief the ruling class use crime and deviance to control the powerless ” if you don’t obey you will be punished”.     Media is very powerful it can do a lot of things, for example, influencing people’s thoughts and opinions. What class-dominant theory means is that the elite class control the media and what goes on it, they use the media to project their views on to the audience. When you have control over the media you are able to manipulate the thoughts of people into doing what you want. The more finance they have the greater the chance of targeting a wider audience. The more audience newspapers reach the more money and fame they get for example in crime reporting the elite class wants to make a profit so they only want to report newsworthy stories in order to attract the attention of people to buy their newspapers. Media groups that are financed and sponsored by advertisers are hesitant to exposing the elite companies when it comes to certain issues like the human right violation. C. Wright Mills (1956) describe the ruling class (elite class) as politicians and military leaders who use their power and wealth to influence polities, the government, and education. In his book the Power of elite, he talks about how the elite class uses their power to dictate what they want.     The third model is pluralism what pluralism simply means is the distribution of power among many groups of people, for example, like-minded people and unions. What pluralist belief is that the larger the group the more influence they will have, they achieve their goals through bargaining and compromise.                     Culturist theory     First of all, what is Culture, culture is “That complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, custom, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man person as a member of society.” (Professor Lars Perner). In discussing culturist theory, I will be using Jeff Ferrell’s theory of cultural criminology. Jeff Ferrell described the culturist theory as the intersection between cultural dynamins (trend) and crime and justice. He manly forced on how crime occurs and how culture affects crime. Culture is a person’s way of life what that means is how the person lives, their normal, beliefs and how they represent themselves. The theoretical models of the cultural influence of behavior, behavior intension are affected by their social norms and attitude for example in some cultures it is considered rude to refer to a person older than yourself by their first name. A person’s culture is influenced by their, religion, ethnicity or nationality. There is three cultural way of learning the first one is formal leaning what formal learning means is the older generation of the family teaching the younger children how to behave. The second is informal learning which we learn from watching others for example family members, friends and even characters from TV shows. The third is Technical learning this form of behavioral learning is developed in an educational environment, for example, a teacher. First, what is subculture? “Sub-culture is defined as a district cultural group that exists as an identifiable segment within a larger, more complex society. Example Nationality, Social class, and Religion.” (tasleemali87 2011).     When talking about the cultural criminal behavior we have to also look at subcultural behavior and how subculture is based on a person’s aesthetics and we have to look at that in order to understand the criminological culture. I read an article online which said that Modern culture is affected by mass media they said that mass media changes the moods and attitudes of the readers through mass advertising this also changes our thoughts and actions, for example when Adolf Hitler came into power he used the radio stations to broadcast his speech to control people and change their thoughts.