Clothing the aesthetic tendencies toward clothing in a

Clothing represents social information that includes
social status, occupation, religion, marital status, and sexual implication.source In many societies,
those in high positions retain their own special fabrics and colors for
themselves, as in ancient China, and only the emperor could wear yellow
costumes. Source In contemporary Western society, only the rich can afford
haute couture.prove Military and police officers
usually wear uniforms and religious members may wear monastic clothes or robes.
People’s occupation or class can sometimes be conveyed by a piece of clothing
or accessories. Otherwise, clothing can also be used to express one’s dissent
to their cultural norms and mainstream values, as well as their individual
With the progress of civilization, the means of the design of clothing is
constantly developing, which clothing designer’s imagination is ever rich,
appearing extreme colors with novelty, treacherous, abstract visual image in
the current clothing.

The costumes of the characters in the movies and the
dramas can affect the people’s wearing and the aesthetic tendencies toward
clothing in a certain period of time. Add example. Artistic and visual fullness can be improved by it in
many cases that are unique to a particular theater or film production.

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Costume plays a very important role in the drama, and the
costume of the theater, which a costume was worn by performers during the
performance, can help the actors shape their characters while is good for
performers’ performances, making the whole stage play more artistic.

Designers can be inspired by observing the costumes,
details, colors and patterns of the characters in the movie or theater to
design costumes that reflect the movie or drama.

Beijing Opera, one of the five most important operas in China, was
originated about two hundred years ago and its stage art involved in almost
every aspect, such as literature, performances, stage costumes, music, makeup,
facial makeup etc. Peking
Opera is known as the quintessence of Chinese art, which is one of the
most representative traditional theatrical art in China.source prove Its clothing is based on the clothing system of the
Ming Dynasty, and yet it is not limited by the costumes of the Ming Dynasty of
which contain the traditional Chinese design elements.

Different patterns and different colors represent
different classes and different roles, for example, the red represents the
loyal army commander, the green represents the general and the politician, the
orange represents the aged politician, the white represents the young general
and the minister, the blue represents the dishonest politician, and the black
represents the brave, honest and decent. Example
source prove. Costumes
and characters are as important as the characters themselves in Peking opera.

Each piece of costume is telling a story, and is
elaborately designed with colors. At the beginning of the drama, every actor
steps to the stage, then the viewer knows the actor’s role in their body
language and costumes. The world-known ballet, the Swan Lake, prove source example similarly distinguish characters
by their clothing, for example, the audience can distinguish the characters
through the degree of exaggeration and color of clothing. Being based on this,
you might predict the importance of clothing in the drama. Conclude with how it affects costume in peking opera


There are many styles of Beijing Opera clothing,
of which is inspired by the clothing style of daily life at that time, but when
it appears on the stage, it is deformed and exaggerated on the basis of life
clothing, which is used for the stage performance. Peking Opera costume design, such as
Beijing Opera clothing sleeves, exaggerated skirt, asymmetrical design techniques
and bright colors, is well worth the designer to use in their own design. The
color of Peking Opera costumes inherits the tradition of Chinese national
costumes. The bold use of bright colors, with the clear tendency of colors and
the strong contrast between them, give the audience the beauty while present
the characters’ emotions and personalities for them. It can also be discovered
that the use of similar Peking Opera among the current fashion design, for
example, the French fashion brand chief designer, DIOR John Galliano, make the
model’s makeup looks like the facial makeup of Peking opera, and the color of
clothing with gorgeous resemble Beijing Opera on stage. John Galliano at this launch ignores the body of
the model for the purpose of the pursuit of a more dramatic stage effect
like the Peking Opera costume,
as seen in Figure I and Figure ii.

The helmet and
headdress worn by various characters in Peking Opera are specially designed for
them. The headdresses in Peking opera are as important as the costumes, which
focus on decoration and are designed with different style, otherwise, there is
a difference between stories. The traditional headdresses, including a variety
of accessories, are about 300 types due to Beijing opera headdress special
decorative design in the present have also been used. Chinese designer, Cai Mei
Yue, is a famous wedding designer who combines Beijing opera headdresses and
costume accessories with modern wedding dresses, bringing unique visual
experience to the audience, as seen in Figure iii and Figure iv. Embroidery and
various designs on Peking Opera costume are inspired by the mascot of China,
which show wishes and ideas of people through embroidery auspicious patterns.
The general patterns contain both animals and plants, such as Dragon, Phoenix,
crane, peony, plum, otherwise, the decoration of costume of Peking opera is
also used by the international clothing brand, for example, the Italian fashion
brand, the VALENTINO, bring this design inspiration to the international stage. The series set Peking Opera costumes as the theme, with
the color combination of Phoenix, dragons and other embroideries, and combine
the apparel embroidery in the male role with women’s clothing. In
particular, the details of Beijing opera costumes, patterns were applied in the
modern clothing to demonstrate the long history of China’s traditional culture
in a different way, as seen
in Figure v and Figure vi. Besides
the Chinese elements can bring different products, there is another important
factor, which China’s luxury consumption has gradually rank the first position.
In order to adapt to this situation, the world’s major fashion brands have all
assimilated Chinese elements into their own products.

If the costume design must be creative, all new designs
cannot be separated with inspiration. As we can see, the exaggerated costumes,
rich colors and special patterns used in the Peking Opera costumes provide
designers with special and rich materials of Chinese style design. Peking Opera
costumes contain countless elements of Chinese design like embroidery on Peking
Opera costumes. Embodying the auspicious meaning through embroidery reflects
the human mentality and desire. The patterns containing dragons, phoenix,
unicorn and other legends are the expression of mankind awe and worship of
nature. If the modern design of costume is combined with such Chinese elements,
it will give this work a rich cultural background, giving more content and
artistic value to this clothing. Every Peking Opera costume represents a story,
and to integrate this story into a design is like bringing the audience back to
that era. In that story, a piece of clothing is used to tell the audience this
story that the artwork has a soul, Instead of normal clothes.