College into students and this has taken away

College athletics have become a popular
trend in colleges and among students over the past few years. This has resulted
into increased revenue collection for the National Collegiate Athletic
Association (NCAA) and the participating colleges with the association
recording over 500 million dollars in profits each year. The National
Collegiate Athletic Association has only instilled high expectations
and false hopes into students and this has taken away a part of the college
zeal that many student athletes have as they enroll into colleges. This
situation has raised numerous level headed discussions over decades with
the big question being whether college athletes should receive additional
benefits in terms of money or not.  
From an individual point of view I greatly advocate for payment of cash
rewards to college athletes as an appreciation to their
exertion and work done. These athletes should be paid
distinctively relying upon the type of game they have
participated in as it’s not only because of their personal effort but there are
also numerous benefits received by other parties involved.

Participation in
college sports is an extramural activity that requires athletes to balance both
class work and the sporting activities. Time booking is not the issue in this
particular circumstance but in most cases it happens that students have to miss
classes to take part in nationally televised games that make millions of cash
from public viewing all across the world. It has been reported recently that the
National Collegiate Athletic Association has extended a basketball deal
with CBS sports to 2032 worth over 18 billion dollars with an additional 8
billion dollars from the previous 14 year deal just to air college basketball
matches. This clearly shows how much a single broadcasting company makes out
these sporting activities. Most of this revenue amassed by the
broadcasting channels is sorely generated by the student’s personal efforts in
particular, I would in this reason propose that the competitors are
given a piece of the offer too, based on the grounds that were it not for them no
such sporting activities would have been aired.

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Colleges are
profit-making organizations that generate income in light of the number
of students that join these institutions. There are students
who choose schools based solely on gridiron greatness or Olympic medal
hauls. Exceptional college athletes and sporting activities have promoted
and made a number of these colleges prominent and this has winded up
enrollment of more college freshmen. How about we
take an instance for example, who wouldn’t want their child being
part of a basketball college team that natured the famous Lebron James into the
man of substance he is? Unquestionably many parents would call for their
kids’ abilities acknowledged and natured by these colleges as it was for the
basketball star in setting. In relation to this, when colleges manage
high student intakes based on their popularity in the sporting activities, the
athlete here becomes the main contributing factor and should receive benefits
where it’s due. A good example is Stanford University, ranked at position one
based on athlete opportunities, having natured 47 Olympians and gathered 17
national championships over the past 10 years.

There are
times athletes turn out to be greatly exceptional to a degree that their
certifications, names and pictures, could help them make a fortune from the advertisement
industry. For instance an athlete personal image could be used in promoting new
brands of sporting products such as shoes and gaming balls. However NCAA bars
companies from using an athlete’s name or image in advertisements, promotions
or other ventures. This allows game footages of current athletes to appear in
TV ads, as long as the ads mention the name of the athlete’s institution.
College institutions greatly benefit from this and advertisement companies
publicize sales events by saying athletes would be present to sign autographs.

Paying college
athletes would actually keep more students in school and this would allow many
to complete their college courses. This means that students who drop out of
school out of lack upkeep money would finally end up graduating. This is not
only a personal achievement for the student but also the world in general
receives more learned and qualified persons in the job fields.

In conclusion all I
do advocate for is a pay to each college athlete as this is a right they all
ought to have. With universities and different foundations getting
wealthier out of athletes’ endeavors, I recommend that the competitors ought to
likewise not pass on these benefits.


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