The opening scene in the version including Zeffereli is set in an old market place, which shows that Romeo and Juliet story took place a long time ago. When the two households salves meet in the market one of the monauge salves bites his thumb at the Capulet slaves. In this part the director is showing that biting your thumb at someone was as bad verbally swearing at some one to insult him or her. The director uses old colourful clothing on the slaves. The monauges have the same outfit and so do the Capulet’s this is the way that they show they are from the two different households.

The two households have a fight because of the thumb biting. The fight is use of swords and some using fists. When the police arrive they are threatened that if this happens again your lives will pay the price. The Capulet households have a ball and invite the monauges. At the ball the director uses very old and classical music that gives the feeling that it was set a long time ago. In the ball Romeo meets Juliet for the first time and instantly fall in love.

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The director uses this to show that people can fall in love at first sight, but Romeo and Juliet cannot stay together for the whole ball as Juliet’s mother has planed for her to marry some other man. Just before the monauges leave Romeo finds out that Juliet is a Capulet and Juliet finds out that Romeo is a monauge. The director shows that the two households hate each other so much that two lovers have second thoughts about each other. The opening scene with Leonardo de caprio is set in a petrol station and is a bit more modern.

The two households meet and a Capulet bites his thumb at the monauges. The director shows that biting your thumb at someone was a very insulting insult. When the two households start to shoot at each other the director is further explaining that the feud was serious. When the police arrive both households are threatened with their lives if it happens again. Now the director is telling us that the feud has been going on for a long time. The Capulet household holds a ball and invites the Montagues.