Current be the most challenging year in the

Current Global Health Issues – Top 6 World Health Problems in 2017

Some of the current global health issues are making great threats to the human being at the present time. For example, Ebola is the one of them and it was first seen in the West Africa. It was not experienced few days ago. Although, these fires are experiencing for a long time, but it’s being strong and getting difficult to prevent.

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Some Top 6 Health Issues in 2017

In the year 2017 will be the most challenging year in the public health sector. This year is filled with various confronts, including Physical Activity, Overweight and Obesity, Tobacco, HIV/AIDS, Injury and Violence and Environmental Quality etc. These topics are making the shape of the agenda of the global health. Let’s have a look at the Top 6 World Health Problems in 2017:


Threat of the Ebola Virus

Ebola is an unprecedented survivor. It’s found recently in the West Africa. It attacks in the boon and makes a threat to life along with chronic health issues and social exile. Ebola survivors are going to face new challenges in this year. This new threat is the one of the fatal causes of the global health issues. This virus is deadly responsible for the damages of the economic, physical and psychological legacy.


Nutrition & Physical Activity

The researchers indicated that persons are physically active can delay or prevent some diseases like diabetes, cancers, heart diseases etc. Moreover, physical activities can improve mood and relieve depression. An inactive body is accompanied by premature aging, overweight, obesity and much more health complications. It’s simple to get walked visiting your nearest prayer center or synagogues, shopping malls and senior centers. Foods with nutrients are important for a healthy body as well.



Tobacco is a greatest preventable cause in the world of various health problems, including premature death. Using tobacco is called as the “Tobacco Dependence Disease”. The CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention) says tobacco users (mostly smokers) who try to give up it are more successful. Even, it works more than their physicians or medicines do.


Substance Abuse

Drugs and alcohol are mainly indicating the substance abuse. These two are generally associated with young people. They get self medicated using illegal and legal drugs and alcohol. These can lead fatal health problems. Moreover, senior people unknowingly or deliberately mixing medicine and using alcohol. There are stereotypes about our senior citizens. Many of the medical people are failed to ask senior people about potential substance abuse.



Pneumonia and influenza are the top ten causes of death for the seniors. Vaccination of the influenza has helped to emphasis to the older adults. But, pneumonia is still remained one of the highly serious infectious diseases. It’s most effective to the women and the older adults.


Air Pollution

Last year air pollution causes death of more than 6 million people in china. Beijing issued the first ‘red alert’ due to heavy smog. Moreover, smoking contributes to make the air quality poor. Air pollution caused death about 20% of the adult male deaths in this decade. But, air pollution got worse in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) than china and India. The pollutants are in cubic meter of these countries respectively 80, 73 and 32 micrograms. It relates respiratory and health issues seriously.


Definitely, these are not the only threats to shape the global health issues in 2017. There are many other life threatening health problems as the challenges to the human being. Some other health threats are including HIV/AIDS, Mental Health, Injury and Violence, Climate change and much more.