Daniel Hashem wants to help him back.

Daniel MakalskiIt is an understandable thing  to pray for your relatives when they are in trouble, maybe even for your distant relative, who need help , maybe maybe for people in your community but would you pray for a whole different country,, fine let’s say you would pray for them but what are the chances of you praying for a country which is mostly evil(something like Palestine)?!We see in Parashat Vayeira how Avraham is doing a major act of kindness toward an evil city who should be destroyed without any hesitation, but Avraham full on went to plead with Hashem and not just plead it, he would approach Hashem as if he was ready to have a war with Hashem that is how much Avraham cared for each person.And Abraham approached and said: We find the expression” approaching” for war (II Sam. 10:13): “And Joab drew forward, etc.” ; and “approaching” for placating (below 44:8): “And Judah approached him” ; and “approaching” for prayer (I Kings 18:36):”And Elijah the prophet came near.” For all these, Abraham approached: to speak harshly i.e., when he requested justice, to placate, and to pray. — from Gen. Rabbah 49:8???? ?????: ????? ???? ?????? (?”? ? ??) ???? ???? ???’, ???? ????? (???? ?? ??) ???? ???? ?????, ????? ????? (????? ?’ ?? ??) ???? ????? ?????, ???? ??? ???? ?????, ???? ????, ?????? ??????We take notice of another factor – why is Abraham praying for all these people?  Because Avraham’s main priority is to help people. And Hashem wants to  help him back. How? ???? ????: ????? ???”? ??? ??????? ??? ??????? ???????,The Holy One, blessed be He, took the sun out of its sheath so as not to trouble him with wayfarer,  We see where Hashem attempted to help Avraham but Avraham was so kind and gracious that even having a bris milah he still wanted  the three angels ( yes, I know angels are not people) were walking near Abraham’s tent. and he had a bris milah and yet he still stood up and called them into his house to offer them bread, meat, and wine but before entering house when he was just at offering  them to come to his tent he said “And I will take a morsel of bread, and sustain your hearts; afterwards you shall pass on, because you have passed by your servant” ?????????? ?????????? ??????????? ????????? ?????? ???????????? ??????????????? ??????????? ??????????????? This shows that Abraham was very kind hearted and humble at the same time he says he just wil give a morsel of bread but ended offering them a whole lamb. As well he always shared a meal with someone, he would always feed the poor. We identify  how Avraham acted upon hearing that  the Five nations were getting destroyed.  We see another important biblical figure in Tanach by the name of Noach.  Noach, unlike Avraham, did not pray for the benefit of his people rather only for his family. What was Noah’s punishment?”The zohar teaches that because Noach didn’t pray for his generation the waters were Yemei Noach.” The reason I bring up the story with Noah is to show that Noah was also a very good person yet he didn’t have the quality that Abraham had, the quality to pray for others. This comes to show that love for another person is not just something you can be born with or just get by praying , rather it is something you have to work, and work on. That being said, we have  an example like Moshe who was born on the day of the  red moon, he was supposed to be the worst of all people, but he never stopped working on himself and who did he turn out being the greatest person of all generations. So I’m saying again you can’t just be born to love another person whether it is a friend, colleague or anyone even such people like the people of Sodom. You have to work on it in order to become something like Moshe and Avraham.??? ???? ????? ??? ??? ???? ???? ?”? ?????? ?”? ??????? ?? ????? ???? ????????? ?? ??? ??? ???? ???? ????? ????? ?? ???? ??? ?????? ??? ?? ???? ??? ??????? ????? ?? ??? ?? ????? ???? ????? ?????? ??? ??? ???? )??? ??.(There was another incident involving one gentile who came before Shammai and said to Shammai: Convert me on condition that you teach me the entire Torah while I amstanding on one foot. Shammai pushed him away with the builder’s cubit in his hand. This was a common measuring stick and Shammai was a builder by trade. The same gentile came beforeHillel. He converted him and said to him: That which is hateful to you do not do to another; that is the entire Torah,and the rest is its interpretation. Go study.We learn from this one of the most important rules of the judaism is to respect one another and the rest is just learning Avraham understood this and was able to use it to the full power. And that’s why Avraham was the first Jew in the world, because he did kind things to people and they heard about himIt is spectacularly hard to be  kind to someone you barely even tolerate, like a bully. You see him always bullying first graders, while he himself is in sixth grade, and he Chas Veshalom gets cancer.  Would you pray for him yes or no? In most cases ordinary people wouldn’t pray for him. Probably his family would pray for him but other than that nobody else would pray for him. Yet the rabbis will pray for him. Now just imagine whole cities full of these bullies and they are not just ordinary bullies, they are murderers, thieves, and seducers, the worst of all people. An example from the Midrash: one time a girl in Sdom had nothing to eat, so her friend gave her flour in return for water from the well, so when the Sdomim found out they stoned both girls because it was against their law to help othersAnd still Avraham found the need to pray for these horrible creatures, and he knew what type of people they were.  There is probably no Talmid Hacham or other biblical figure in the whole of the Tanakh who would argue with Hashem, just to save these horrible people.The avot are all known for something special Yaakov was known for Torah Yizhak was known for his tfilla and Avraham was known for generosity. He didn’t obtain that title just because he was able to give food to people; he obtained the title by persistence, he didn’t give up praying for the people of Sodom and the four other nations, he prayed and prayed and till he got to forty, thirty-five and finally to ten people, but he went to his max in order to save them. So let’s all take an example from Avraham and help anyone who needs help because that is what a true Eved Hashem does. he cares for others  and hopefully we could bring Moshiach faster or even today if we do this.