Database database system.In this we can design, implement

Database Administrator:Here it is to perform all the activities which through to a successful maintenance database system.In this we can design, implement and maintain the total database system, so that it establishes in specific procedures taking to the management, security, maintenance, and use of database management for training of all the employees.Data warehouse administrator:It is nothing but performing daily activities for running a computer data warehouse.Data warehouse administrators generally will be as a supervisors within data warehouse and also other technicians they ensure that whether everything is running smoothly.It can install, configure, resolve the solutions and maintain data warehouse systems.It handles customer requests for theirs querying information Differences:Database administrator:•        Installation and upgrading the database server and also the application tools•        Regulate databases and resolve all issues to guarantee information precision.•        Create and keep up benchmarks of all information distribution center and ETL.•        Here the work is to acts like a DBMS independent and analyzing of requirements.Data warehouse administrator:•        This can install, configure, troubleshoot and maintain data warehouse systems.•        The administrator database is used to resolve all the issues to ensure data accuracy.•        Warehouse functionality is developing and maintaining the standards of every data warehouse and ETL.•        Understanding the data volumes and space requirements and this work will be DBMS dependent Similarities:Database administrator:•        This is to screen all databases and resolve all execution, whatever the issues in similar.•        Performing the tests and keep up MS SQL Server databases in a MIS domain•        Also dealing with all information joining focuses and affirm all measurements.•        Give help to FSE and deal with all Law authorization demands.•        Calendar  gets ready for all assignments and keep up a powerful database•        Facilitate with Quality Assurance and Offshore ETL groups.•        Oversee and gather all business metadata.•        Screen the ETL server and databases and guarantees ideal execution.Data warehouse administrator:Data Warehouse is monitoring all databases and resolves all performance issues in same.Perform tests and maintain MS SQL Server databases in an MIS environment.This is used to manage all the data integration points and then confirms all dimensions.Provide assistance to FSE and manage all Law enforcement request.Planning all the tasks assigned and will maintain an effective database.Coordinate with Quality Assurance and Offshore ETL teams.Maintaining and also collecting all the business Metadata.Monitoring the ETL server, databases and ensure the best performance.